Monday, February 18, 2013


The Upper Crust: Roque and Roll.


Photo credit: Jay Elliot

Who are you?

The Upper Crust is myself: the Lord Bendover, who with my companions the Duc d’Istortion, Count Bassie, and Jackie Kickassiss comprise the finest Rocque and Roll ensemble the world has ever known.

Who are you wearing?

Our clothing is all bespoke, obviously.

What would it take to get kicked out of your tea room?

The slightest breach of etiquette would immediately see you expelled from our drawing room, for we are sticklers for etiquette. Unless of course your conduct is scandalous, depraved and lascivious. So either formal to the point of boredom or shocking and obscene. Hopefully a combination of both, and we shall get along just fine.

Worst stage getup, for sweatiness - powdered wig, mummy bandages, or mexican wrestling masks?

I can’t imagine that mummy bandages are that uncomfortable, seeing that mummies of unimpeachable character have worn them without complaint for thousands of years. And we ourselves can attest to the powdered wig as an inoffensive accessory, save only in prolonged exposure to direct sunlight on an outdoor stage, or inordinately hot stage lighting. That would leave the Mexican wrestling mask as the worst offender, though we of course have no personal experience with it.

Any good Monoman stories?

I would say that every encounter with Jeff Conelly, aka Monoman, is a story in its own right.


What would happen if you encountered the Canadian Upper Crust?

We had no knowledge of the existence of this Canadian band calling themselves “The Upper Crust” prior to you informing us…it must be said that were we to encounter them face to face, fisticuffs would be the inevitable result. And we are masters at the art of fisticuffs.

Favorite kind of bread?

We prefer cake. That is one reason why we are looking forward to this show at the Cake Shop.

Favorite member of the British Royalty?

Prince Harry entertains with his Nazi uniforms and other royal antics.


What's your message to the kids?

Our message to the youth: “Work hard, serve us well and you will be amply rewarded in another life. In the meanwhile you may enjoy our Rocque and Roll, for it is made for youth of all ages.”


Listen To The Upper Crust here:

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