Monday, February 18, 2013


The Lost Riots: I meant to come back into the states through Vermont.


Where are you?

Jeff: Sitting in the Die Hipster! Records den surrounded by really awesome records.

What's the most lost you've gotten?

Jeff: Driving home from Quebec City one time I took the wrong route. I ended up in a rural town in Quebec where NO English was spoken, and I didn't have any gas in the car. I ended up somewhere in Maine 10 hours later. The border guy laughed at me when I told him I meant to come back into the states through Vermont.

How can we save rock n roll?

Jeff: We need to start small. Build a scene in which every band is supportive. Every band helps each other out. Slowly branch out from there bringing out of town bands into your "scene". A good website/zine that strictly talks about your scene is a plus too. Also if the bands/kids knew that one specific place was going to have specific bands playing there it could start something great. It's all about support.

Best part about being a band in Connecticut?

Sean: It's a good location. We are close to some cool college towns like New Haven, Boston, Providence, and Northampton. Also we are near NYC.

Jeff: I'll agree with Sean, Being close to NYC is a big thing. Although there are some good "scenes" in Connecticut. New Haven seems to be back on the up and up. New London has a phenomenal, very supportive, music scene. Danbury needs to have a revival now...

What is the Nightmare On Elm Street movie that describe the band the best?

Matt: The first one 'cause it's the best!

What is the most punk thing you ve done?

Jeff: I stabbed a man in the dead of winter just to watch the heat rise from his wounds. Indians say that is his soul escaping his body.

First or last?

Jeff: I was the first, never the last!

What's kinkier: a Stiff Little Finger or a Sex Pistol?

Sean: A Sex Pistol of course!

Jeff: I think a Sham 69 is better.

Lost Riots or White Riot?

Jeff: There would be no Lost Riots without a White Riot.

What's the meaning of life?

Jeff - Have fun and don't stress out about things. Surround yourself with good people and play some really fun rock n roll music.


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Upcoming shows:

Friday, February 1st

Die Hipster! Records presents: The Lost Riots Record Release Party

with Defcon Five, Pickpocket, and Wrist Like This

Anna Liffey's: 17 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT

9pm, 21+




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