Monday, February 18, 2013


The Mad Doctors: Turning beautiful women into killer ape people.image

Where are you?

Dr. Gregory X: Existentially, I hang around the streets of hip Brooklyn trying to peddle miscellaneous body parts. Physically, I'm arms deep in someone's chest cavity between the stratosphere and the ionosphere.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: I'm above a tire shop in a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Dr. Josh Park: Crown Heights.

Favorite Mummies song?

Dr. Gregory X: In & Out because it's nasty as hell and it reminds me of In N Out Burger. Take that as you will.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: "That Girl" or "Die!"...they both make my earholes tingle.

Dr. Josh Park: "Stronger Than Dirt" is probably my favorite. 

What are your specialities as doctors?

Dr. Gregory X: I am awesome at crafting misunderstood inventions. So far, none of my inventions have been recognized by the greater medical community. It's like they aren't looking to turn beautiful women into killer ape-people.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: I specialize in abusing vacuum tubes and turning metallic vibrations into soul-fucking fuzz therapy.

Dr. Josh Park: I'm in the process of making tinnitus a worldwide epidemic.

Which doctor would you like to join your band: Doctor Frankenstein, Doctor Herbert West or Doctor Jekyll? And what instrument would he play?

Dr. Gregory X: Definitely Doctor Jeckyll. He would play the organ and when he transforms he'd squeal a nasty tenor sax.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: I choose Doctor Frankenstein. Somehow we would find a way to amplify that bolt in his neck...

Dr. Josh Park: I bet Dr. Herbert west plays a mean theremin.

What is the most rock n roll Lovecraft entity?

Dr. Gregory X: Azathoth because he's this huge, unwieldy ball of tentacles that sits in the middle of nothingness. As a drummer who sometimes has to play without monitors, I can relate to that.


Dr. Seth Applebaum: Cthulu, because every drawing of it could just as easily be a Mastodon album cover.


Dr. Josh Park: Ghatanothoa. He turns people into mummies. What's not to like?


Who's the best at the game Operation?

Dr. Gregory X: As all operations are games, it's hard to say. I have the most loose organs from operations, so I'm the best.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: Doctor Park, because he has no reverence for the patient's life. Maybe that makes him the worst, actually.

Dr. Josh Park: I'd be surprised if any of us had the patience to sit through a game where we actually have to SAVE people from illness.

What was the weirdest thing you went to the doctor for?

Dr. Gregory X: I had this horrible thing on my face once - my teeth were showing and my face was beaming. I think they called it a smike or a snile or something.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: I got hives from fabric softener. They put me on steroids. It's a long story...

Dr. Josh Park:The worst thing I've ever had to go to the doctor for was a particularly bad bout of allergies. Otherwise I'm immortal.

What makes you mad?

Dr. Gregory X: Happiness.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: I once almost got electrocuted by a mic at a venue. I wasn't too thrilled about that.

Dr. Josh Park: Everything.

What state has the best BBQ?

Dr. Gregory X: Tennessee. Memphis BBQ is pretty well unmatched anywhere else.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: Tennessee has some unbelievable BBQ, but I think the best I've had was in Lockhart, Texas.

Dr. Josh Park: Koreans make the best BBQ on the planet. So New York, since that's where my mom lives.

What s the meaning of life?

Dr. Gregory X: A Monty Python movie.

Dr. Seth Applebaum: To spread the word of the power of cheese.

Dr. Josh Park: Gotta catch em all.


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