Monday, February 18, 2013


The Flesh Lights: Not a sex toy. Just a sexy band.


Credit: Renate Winter

Who are you wearing?

Ha. Jeans and shirts. Most of the people we're friends with here in Austin are not too worried about fashion sense. To quote Orville Neely of the OBN IIIs, "If the shit fits, wear it."

How punk are you?

I'm not punk at all. I'm just a guy who loves punk music among other genres. I'm down to slam if that gives me any punk street cred. See you in the pit.

Who has the worst tattoos in the band?

Jeremy (bass). He has a tattoo of buildings decaying and falling down and below it reads, "Nothing is Permanent." I have a 1910 Fruitgum Company tattoo on my chest. I only have four tattoos and often I look in the mirror and say to myself, "I've destroyed my body." Elissa (drums) has no tattoos.


What would your brand of flesh lights be called?

We have made it this far without getting sued so I think im going to stay away from the sex toy business.

Worst thing about being a band from Austin?

I can't think of anything bad about being an Austin band. I love the music and people here so much. My favorite current bands are mostly Austin bands. I'd rather pay $7 dollars to see A Giant Dog or the Golden Boys than pay to see some campy garage band from the Bay Area any day.

Best place to get BBQ in Austin?

I hear Franklin's is the best in town but you have to wait in line for over a hour to eat there. They also close before I even wake up so I've never been there. I like to drive 20 minutes out of Austin to Lockhart and go to Kreuz Market. Best BBQ I've ever had. There are a handful of great BBQ stops in Lockhart.

Which of you would have the best chance of survival in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


Let me watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and get back to you.

Ever met George Bush?

Actually yes. Jenna Bush would babysit me when I was a tike.

Meanest thing somebody told you after a show?

No one has ever told me anything too mean after a show. One thing that stands out to me was when this guy and two girls came up to me and wanted a picture with me. They told me they owned all the Flesh Lights records and were huge fans, which is a rarity. After we took the picture one of the girls said "I love your music, but you are way too full of your self." That was great.

Your message for the youth?






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Flesh Lights play in NYC on June 22nd at Terminal 5 with the Hives. INFO HERE.

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