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The Lost Crusaders: Have you heard about the world?


photo credit: Amber Sexton

Who are you?

John Vignault, guitarist and vintage suitcase kick drummer for the Lost Crusaders.

Michael Chandler, a self-seeking individual who is working at self-improvement and self-correction. I am a Rhythm & Blues soul shouter in a world rapidly losing its soul.

Who are you wearing?

J: Levi Strauss and the Kent Collection by Arrow.

M: Huntington Beach, CA, ca. 1965, my uniform since around 1981.

Favorite story in the bible?

J: The one a about Jesus turning muddy water into wine.

M: I recently looked up Ezekiel's vision of "a wheel within a wheel," and found that very intriguing, but my favorite biblical quote is from the New Testament, when Jesus says to Pilate, "You said it, not me."

Favorite scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

J: When the bad guy drinks from the wrong Holy Grail and turns to dust.

M: That would be the part where everybody tells me I look like Harrison Ford.

Who has the crazier tour stories - Raunch Hands, Vendettas or Lost Crusaders?

J: The Raunch Hands - especially the stories Chandler and Sharky tell about their tours in Europe.

M: I was never on tour with the Vendettas, but I wonder if any of them ever single-handedly destroyed a Spanish telephone booth. I was pulling broken glass out of my jacket pockets back in New Your weeks later.

Have you heard about the world?

J: Yes, and it's coming to a mighty end.

M: Yes, and I often don't like what I see of how others inhabit it, so I live mostly in my own. In retrospect, a clearer LP title would have been, "Have You Heard About My World?"

Have You Heard About The World by The Lost Crusaders from Ben Berlin on Vimeo.

How did you lose your crusade, and has it turned up anywhere yet?

J: It was briefly put in detention by the ever so charmingly polite British Customs agents at Gatwick Airport, but it will turn up again at the Parkside Lounge in NYC on Halloween at around 9pm.

M: The "lost" in Lost Crusaders means more like "lost while crusading," as we're searching for something elusive, like musical satisfaction, an appreciative audience, performance royalties, that "soul" that I mentioned in the first question...

Best gospel song of all time?

J: Two Wings by Rev. Utah Smith.

M: The right answer is probably "Amazing Grace," in the same way that the answer for best American popular song is probably "White Christmas", where I'd choose "Surfin' Bird." So, to my taste, the best gospel song I've heard to date is, "The Journey," by Bishop Billy Robinson, followed closely by many others and apt to change capriciously. .

How many band members is too many?

J: 50? I wish we could have horns, backup singers, string section, organs, pianists, percussionists, three extra guitarists, but only one drummer because other than the Famous Flames who needs two ?

M: It depends what you do with them. Booker T. and the M.G.s did amazingly well with four, and the Ike & Tina Revue were overdoing absolutely nothing with 11 or 12 people onstage.

What's your message for the kids?

J: Befriend adults and ask them lots of questions.

M: When you grow up, you can stay up for days at a time, and you can have dessert before dinner if you want, but you really should keep doing your chores, because that will help you think more clearly.


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Catch the Lost Crusaders on Halloween at the Parkside Lounge (317 E. Houston, NYC) with Dee Pop's Private World and Chris Such and the Savages. RSVP HERE!

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