Thursday, February 21, 2013


Mighty High: Extra crispy.
Where are you?

Where the fuck do you think I am? In the 69th circle of Hades, of course. It's 10,000 degrees kelvin. My teeth are melting!!!

What's the worst: ballad, keyboard or acoustic guitar?

They're all pretty bad but acoustical guitar ballads are the worst because it's always someone whining about their fuckin feelings. Blech.

What do you do when a club doesn't want to pay you?

I don't understand this question. There are actually clubs that pay bands?

What did you have to do to be signed to Drug Front Records?

Nothing. We are not on Drug Front Records. They don't have the guts to handle our tapes. Our latest album Legalize Tre Bags is a "joint release" between Ripple Music in California and my own label Mint Deluxe Tapes. Everyone needs to buy at least one copy. I'd recommend the gatefold vinyl edition. It comes with a killer poster. All of our gear was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Among the devastation is my beloved 4x12 speaker cabinet that was previously owned by Foghat covered in white shag carpeting. We need money bad. Ripple store here -

(this is the gear that is now destroyed)

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

As Tom Araya of fuckin SLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYERS said on the Ultimate Revenge live VHS: "Kick Ass! Kick Ass Muldowney! They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Well I say fuck the pen because you can DIE by the sword!" Bonus points for anyone out there who remembers who Bob Muldowney of Kick*Ass Monthly is.

How would you describe your music using a food analogy?

Extra crispy.

How high is too high?

When you start contemplating religion.

How bad is YES?

So bad that I had to write a song about how bad they are. Other candidates were Neil Young, Rush and David Bowie but Yes was the unanimous choice.

Biggest difference between you and the Grateful Dead tribute band?

I think there's more than one and they all blow. I think those other bands are actually tributes to the Jerry Garcia Band, who used to cover the song "Mighty High" by the Mighty Clouds Of Joy. We are named after an album called Mighty High by jazz organist Milt Buckner (released in 1960 on the Argo label, a division of Chess Records).


What's the best advice you ever got?

The most useful was "You'll never be rich enough or poor enough that it will matter who the president
is" - my mother. Runner up was "Don't let the man slow your roll" - Bo Diddley.


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