Monday, February 18, 2013


Joe Vincent: The best drummer in rock n roll! What more can we say?


Who are you?

I am Joe Vincent, just a guy trying to get through it all.

Who are you wearing?

Levi Strauss.

Best toppings on a hot dog?

Sauerkraut and onion.


Worst place you've ever slept on tour?

In a dirty, cold garage in Germany.

Worst food you've ever eaten on tour?

Dried fish.

Favorite scene in Saturday Night Fever?

I like the opening, with Travolta walking around like he's the man.

Worst part of being in a band with three chicks?

I was always wrong. I could never win an argument.

Coolest way to break your neck?

I don't know if there is one!

Favorite punk rock band?

I think I must say The Supersuckers.

What's your message to the kids?

To the much as it sucks, ya gotta work! Whatever it is you're doing, you gotta WORK at it!

Bonus question: Tony has tattoos of Steve and Andy in wolf form and he's just missing you. Where should he put that tattoo?

I don't know. Left shoulder?


Watch Joe Vincent killing in it in the Devil Dogs here:

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