Monday, February 18, 2013


The Jay Vons: Not the Reigning Sound.


Who are you?

Mikey Post from The Jay Vons.

Who are you wearing?

Levi's slacks, Circa tennis shoes (endorsement), and a little bit of Paul Sorvino brand tomato sauce.

Two part-question: Why is Greg Cartwright so cool? And, why is Dave Amels so cool?

Greg is so cool because he gets us free clothes and plane tickets.


Dave is so cool because drinks green Chartreuse, and can jam radar.


Would you rather have the Ikettes, Ronettes, or Marvelettes be your back up singers?

As feminists, we think it’s more appropriate to have men sing “back-ups”. So, I’m gonna go ahead and order off the menu – Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Who gets the most action in the Reigning Sound?

Dave’s Espresso machine. It’s credited on the last Reigning Sound album as Dan Auerbach.

Best blue eyed soul song of all time? “I’m Your Puppet”.

Favorite baseball team?

Ron Darling.


Favorite song about chicken?

“Chicken Shit Boogie” by The Selden Set.

Rarest record in your collection?

Definitely a tie between “Ghoulin’” by The Wharfs, on BAY BREEZ and “It Was Wrong to Love You” by Patch and the Oggs, on BYRON – two known copies!

What's your message to the kids?

When someone asks your band to answer some questions for their blog, they probably just wish you were the Reigning Sound.


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