Sunday, February 17, 2013


M.O.T.O. aka Paul Caporino: New Orleans punk legend. 


Who are you wearing?

WHO am I wearing? I don't know - I'll have to ask.

WHAT am I wearing? Right now I'm wearing a black button-down shirt, blue men's briefs and white athletic socks.

Besides the obvious, what are you the master of?

Procrastination, I suppose.

Best country for rock n roll?

Australia. They don't put up with bullshit the way the rest of us do. If you don't nail it to the wall they're gonna wanna know why.

Worst place you ever had to sleep on tour?

Hmmm. The worst places I've had to sleep was this filthy place in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and another place that I'm playing at on tour (but I am NOT sleeping at).

I've played at venues that insisted that we sleep IN the venue that we just played. Some punk rock shithole in Washington DC comes to mind. I am NOT doing that shit ever again - ever!

I'm 51 years old and I need a clean, quiet, comfortable place to sleep - alone, with no one else in the room. I hope that's not asking too much, coz that's what I'm askin'!

What's the difference between playing rock n roll in the 80s and now?

For me, not too much. Guitar and bass amp technology have improved. You can get good overdrive sound on your guitar without cranking the hell out your amp. 

But rock bands are still the same. They crank their amps too loud onstage, then complain to the sound engineer that they can't hear the vocals.

You have such beautiful prince charming-like hair. What would you save your princess from?

Sex with men who are not me. 

I might have nice hair (merci beaucoup, by the way), and I try to be a gentleman at all times, but underneath I'm a blend of prima donna and alpha male.

What's your favorite thing about Canada?

I like a lot of things about Canada. Once I cross the border, I immediately feel better. Canadians are much nicer than my fellow Yanks. Even a mean Canadian is kinda nice compared to Americans. 

Maybe it's because Canada doesn't feel like it has to be "Number One" or "The World's Greatest" like the USA does.

I like Quebec (Sherbrooke! Sorel-Tracy! Quebec City!) And I like Montreal - it's like going to Paris without having to deal with Parisians.

Which Kids In The Hall sketch describes you best?

Either the guy who wants to buy the stereo unit for a dollar, or the guy who sells his soul to Satan to be a shoe salesman, or the mass murderer who complains about all the murdering he has to do. And Buddy Cole.

Best New Orleans food?

Good question. I've always loved the roast beef po' boy sandwich ("dressed" as we say, and with brown gravy, nice and sloppy). Also fried shrimp or fried oyster po' boys, with ketchup and Louisiana hot sauce (usually Crystal, or Tabasco).

And there's the muffuletta (pronounced "moofa lotta" by most locals), a sandwich that's of Sicilian origin (there were many Sicilian immigrants in New Orleans in the late 1800s). 

Gumbo - there's so many ways to make it, as long as you whip up a good roux. 

And Jambalaya, of course!

Crawfish - boiled and seasoned with Zatarain's with corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage, served on newspaper spread out on the table. You break a crawfish in half, suck the juice out of the head, then squeeze the meat out of the tail. Then you eat another, and another, and make a pile of the empty shells.

Raw oysters on the half shell - with some hot sauce of course.

My big sister Diane makes an oyster dressing that's amazing. Also a great shrimp mold for an appetizer. And crawfish étouffée - maybe you should talk to her about all this.

Best album: Master of Puppets or Master Of Reality?

I know Master of Reality better than I know Master of Puppets, but then it's hard to compare the two albums. They came from different people in different times. It's like comparing Beethoven to Debussy, or Cab Calloway to James Brown.



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