Saturday, February 16, 2013


Mr. Lee: Former co-owner of Brooklyn's best bar/venue ever, Magnetic Field (RIP). Record collector, DJ, bartender, band manager, booker, and all around awesome dude.
(photo credit: Tom Scola)
Who are you wearing?
Ben Sherman, and Adidas.
Rarest record in your collection? Worst record in your collection?
That's tough to narrow down as I've been buying and collecting records for a long time...rarest is probably a toss-up between an unplayed mint copy of this weird Beatles interview LP that the Vee-Jay put out, an unplayed mint copy the incredibly mediocre Christmas LP (the Canadian psych band), and a test pressing of the Antidote EP (the New York hardcore band)... Worst record is even harder to sort out, but I am sure I must have a U2 record ugly-ing up my record collection somewhere.

What song do you play when you want people to go home?
When I am DJing I want them to stay all night (midnight to 6, baby...), but if I am behind the bar I always turn to the first Suicide LP, or Spacemen 3's 'Dreamweapon: An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music,' both of which work every time.

Favorite Village People song?
You have to ask? "YMCA." [Ed. note: this was a test to see if Lee knew about the very un-Village People-like 'Food Fight.']

Best way to kick a girl out of your bed in the morning?
Ask her what her name is.

Best way to blow $100 in Mexico?
That's actually a lot harder than you'd think. For me, I'd start with dinner at El Arayan in Puerto Vallarta, which is one of the best restaurants on the planet, and take it from there.

Best thing about living in NY in the 80s?
Real New Yorkers, graffiti on the trains, and angel dust.

Best line to say to people making song requests?

"I don't go to your job and ask you to take the dick out of your mouth, do I?" (Actually, I am way too nice to say that, so I just keep the headphones on, and shake my hands in the universal sign of "I cannot hear or understand you.")

In a reality show like Big Brother, but with rock n roll, what would be your strategy to win?
Mix the cocaine with Ajax.

Best way to get kicked out of a bar?
Puke on the floor... Throw a punch... Ask for a frozen drink.

and a bonus question, for the win:

What would be in a drink called The Lee?
Bourbon and ice, preferably Van Winkle 12 year old.

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