Monday, February 18, 2013


Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat do amazing things with organs and puppets.


Who are you wearing?

Ha ha ha ha ha...that is either a funny joke question or you need to take a break from New York. Okay, lemme look in the back of my t-shirt...Hanes, I'm wearing Hanes...and Wranglers...and Stacy Adams "old man hi tops" (which I guess is kinda fancy, so joke's on me)...oh, and gas station socks. Miss Pussycat exclusively wears Miss Pussycat.

What movie would be better with puppets?

The public television series where Joseph Campbell is interviewed by Bill Moyers.

What New Orleans dish best represents the band?

Shrimp Po Boy, because Miss P is kinda small, and I could technically be considered poor

Best organ?

Man...they all do such different things. My desert island organ would be a B-3 but the wackiest one I ever owned was a Lowrey Magic Genie...the top of the line one with a built in leslie and drum machine and wah wah effects! OH, and the Hammond Sounder is amazing too because it has a universal pitch control on it which pretty much ensures that you can not play normal music on it.

Best Oblivians story?

Who are they?

Are the Drum Buddies evil and do they want to conquer the world?

Not yet...working on Cylon Model which will be programmed to destroy all garage snobs.

Do you think ventriloquists are creepy?


Besides the Shitdogs and M.O.T.O., best punk band from New Orleans?

Hands down, DIE ROTZ...fucking amazing. I am trying to talk Goner into putting out their full length.

Worst show you've ever played?

At Mr. T's Bowl in Los Angeles, California. It was a perfect combination of self sabotage, HORRIBLE sound, and a creepy promoter guy who was literally licking the Drum Buddy during the concert. I think by the end I was just moving my mouth pretending to sing.

Best thing about being a museum exhibit?

Keys to the place so you can actually hang out there all night long when the people are gone.



Quintron and Miss Pussycat's website

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