Monday, February 18, 2013


New Kind Of Mambo: You'll always be an obscure act that no one's ever heard of.


Who are you?

Tiago: We're from the same country, but not the same city - where Sofia comes from people speak with this kind of rude accent. She kind of speaks that way too, although I tend to swear a lot more than her, haha. I got in trouble for that already a few times 'cause she doesn't like swearing or anything that isn't all pretty and sparkly.

Who are you wearing?

Tiago: I got Poison Ivy tattooed on my forearm and my shirt label reads, "Made in China".

Sofia: We got no endorsments whatsoever.


You have to choose who (or what!!) you would marry, fuck, and kill: guitar, drum, maracas.

Tiago: I'd fuck my guitar, kill our little drum kit and marry the maracas in the end.

Sofia: After all this time, I'm still not sure what to do with my drum kit...

Best thing about being a rock n roll band in Portugal?

You'll always be an obscure act that no one's ever heard of.

Which is worse, bass guitar or cymbals?

Bass guitar's the worst. It lacks that twangy feel its little sister's got.

Lamest thing something told your drummer after a show?

"You should add a bass drum to your kit, and some cymbals too."

What's your favorite kind of snake?

S: Has to be the rattle snake, cause it rattles.

T: Or a cobra snake for a neck tie.

What was wrong with the old mambo?

According to Big Maybelle, it lacked that country twist, and it often missed.

Tips for American bands wanting to tour Portugal?

Portugal is a fairly small country and it's cheaper than most other EU countries, so I guess American bands should come to Portugal at the end of their EU tour. It's good if you made some $$ 'cause you'll be saving a lot of it touring around here, and if you're broke, it's only a matter of playing a few more shows for your ticket back.

Don’t you know Yockomo?


What's your message to the kids?

Please stop fucking up our car's wing mirrors, when it should be safely parked outside. It's happened a lot to us lately. Shit.


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