Monday, February 18, 2013


The Nomads: They're staying in place now.


Who are you?

I'm Nick Vahlberg, singer/guitarist of the Nomads.

Who are you wearing?

A LOT of clothes, it's winter here already.

Why can't you stay in place?

We do these days...the Nomadic Dementia is wearing off.

Any good stories about Roky Erickson?

Sorry, but there was very little weird stuff going on when we played with Roky. He was a really nice old guy who at that time had just gotten back together with the mother of his son, Jegar (who was along as his tour manager). It was very heartwarming to see him happy and reunited with his family.

Best Swedish rock n roll band of all time?

The Namelosers.

Any tips for aspiring rock n roll bands who want to tour Europe?

Do they need any? Most US bands seem to tour europe within a couple of months after forming...

When are you gonna come back to the US of A?

Yeah, it's about time - it was 12 years since our last trip. We're not exactly assailed by offers though...

Who is the king of Rock n Roll?

Peter Zaremba.

Is it easier to work with Roky, Handsome Dick or Joey Ramone?

None of them caused any problems for me...

What is your message for the kids?

I don't have one, the kids are beyond redemption!


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