Monday, February 18, 2013


Palmyra Delran: super duper awesome chick who writes the catchiest songs you have ever heard in your life.


Who are you wearing?

Ben Sherman jacket, Converse One Stars.

Can your monkey do the dog?

My monkey IS my dog.

Best part of being in a chick biker gang?

The Tupperwear parties.

What's the name of your biker gang nemesis?

The Turd Burglars.

Favorite girl drummer?

SO many!

Most historically influential: Mo Tucker

Best feel: Miriam Linna (A-Bones)

Most solid: Bella Donna (Cocktail Slippers), Linda Pitmon (Steve Wynn) and Gina Schock (The Go-Go's)

Most original: Helen Wiggin (The Shaggs)

If you built your own guitar, what would it be like?

'65/'66 Jaguar neck with rosewood fingerboard. '65/'66 Jaguar body - Lake Placid blue (matching headstock). Mother of pearl pickguard. Some kind of fatty, dirty pickups (hi-output). Jodi Head guitar strap. I would have somebody else wire it though. I've ruined a few guitars trying that myself.

Would you rather wear the same clothes for a week and shower every day, or wear different clean clothes every day and not shower for a week?

I've done this. It's called a 'Clothes Marathon.' You wear the same clothes every day and sleep in them, but you can take showers. There's no time limit though - it ends when the first person quits. Let's just say I won (Andy!), but I gotta take the showers! I've also slept in my clothes and worn them to the next night's gig - just throw on a sparkly jacket. I don't think I have the girly-girl gene.

Best three things to buy together at a hardware store to freak out the cashier?

Latex suit, air-pump, gas mask.

Favorite cartoon?

The Archies, of course. Their band kicks ass and Veronica rocks a bitchin' Farfisa!

Do you speak jive?

I think jive, which is way more potent.



The Palmyra Delran band on Facebook

The Friggs on Facebook

Palmyra performing 'Baby Should Have Known Better' live at the Delancey, 6/25/11

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