Monday, February 18, 2013


Peach Kelli Pop: Do the eggroll.


Who Are you?

Allie Hanlon. You may know me as Peach Kelli Pop or the drummer of the White Wires.

Who are you wearing?

Who? I don't know. I'm wearing a shirt someone left in my van & some jean shorts my friend gave me.

Biggest differences between living in California and living in Canada?

California is warmer, has excellent Mexican food, tons of Chihuahuas, shitty drivers, I don't have healthcare now, my garden is amazing, and I am no longer blindingly pale.

Blondie or Nikki Corvette?

Both. Major respect to both ladies.

Does bunny love give you tons of babies?

Nope, phewf.

Favorite kind of dance?

The mashed potato & the locomotion. I have also been known to raise the roof.

What is your favorite Chinese Restaurant?

Any one that is cheap and delicious. The one I went to when I was growing up was called The Golden River and that is where I learned to use chopsticks.

Describe a perfect summer day.

I wake up, have an amazing cardio-infused exercise class, eat a fruit salad, get massaged by a sexy man, go swimming in a river, BBQ, watch a scary movie after it gets dark.

In how many fights have you been in?

Physical? None other than with my sis when we were kids. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Favorite soda pop?

DC 4 life (diet Coke).

Lamest thing a dude told you after a show?

No one has really said anything lame to me after a show. Usually people reserve their dismissive & negative comments for the internet.

What is your message to the kids?

Be yourself / life gets better after high school / don't become jaded / don't trust the police.


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