Monday, February 18, 2013


The Jukebox Zeros: Suck at math but great at rock n roll.


Who are you?

Peter Santa Maria.

Communications Specialist by day, lead singer and geetar slinger in Jukebox Zeros by night, as well as bass in The Thirteen , and guitar in Fuck Bomb.

Who are you wearing?

Dockers slacks and shirt, sensible shoes, a.k.a. office drone attire.

Non-work attire = Levi's, t-shirts and Chucks.

What song would you play on the jukebox to make people leave?

I try not to cause a fuss and annoy people.

I'd just be happy there is an actual jukebox in the joint and not some douchebag "DJing" crappy music with his laptop or ipod!

Here's $20. What are you putting on the jukebox?

Wow, thanks!

[pockets money]

Let's blow this pop stand!

Ummm, let's see... if it's a decently stocked jukebox, I'll be putting on some Replacements, Stones (prob "Exile..." front to back), Ramones, Thin Lizzy, Springsteen, Jim Carroll's "Catholic Boy" album, Sonics, Roky Erickson, any surf music.

Now, depending on where I am at and who I am hanging out with, that playlist could change at any given time.

I may just fill up the jukebox with GG Allin tunes, although that prob goes back to the question before this one.

Who makes the best Philly cheesesteaks?

Pretty much every street vendor and corner deli here in the city. haha!

I usually direct bands to Tony Luke's when they ask the "where should we go for cheesesteaks?" question though.

How cool is Chris DiPinto?

Way Cool.

Super Cool, even!

I play a Dipinto Mach IV in JZ's, one of my fav guitars ever.image

Brian (JZ's lead guitarist) plays a Belvedere Jr.image

And pretty much the rest of our band equipment (amps, PA speakers, etc.) has been bought at Chris's shop over the years, and when stuff breaks, we take it back to him and he fixes it good as new.

What was your worst subject in high school?


Anything else beyond yelling "1,2,3,4!" that involves numbers isn't really that important anyway.

What is the most rock n roll thing about Philly?

Probably our attitude (or "attytood", for the proper Philly accent, if you will).

It's real and not manufactured.

Our bullshit detectors are always on.

Whiskey donuts at Johnny Brenda's: yay or nay?

Haven't had them, but I am gonna say NAY.

Keep the sweets away from my booze!

What is your message to the kids?

You're not nearly as cool as you think you are.


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