Monday, February 18, 2013


The Phantom Surfers: Get schooled on Peruvian surf.


Who are you?

Stupid (as per Nardwuar). Or, No Man (as per Homer).


Who are you wearing?

I can't tell. I usually cut off any identifying labels from my clothing to make it harder to be picked out in a police line up.

What is the word?

Still the bird, of course.

Favorite band at Norton fest?

The Nortones (because they were the youngest).

Tell us weird facts about these people:

Billy and Miriam from Norton?


Were contestants on Season Two of The Amazing Race but lost in the second episode when they came across a record store in Prague and lost five hours digging through the bins.

Russell Quan?


Eats Lucky Charms and spaghetti at the same time (alternating from different bowls).

Dick Dale?

Everything he claims is true - what could be weirder (and more unbelievable) than that?

What's your favorite guitar?

Borrowed, so I don't have to lug one to the show.

Which surf band has been overlooked?

All the Peruvian surf bands of the 60's are overlooked: Los Incas Modernos, Los Shains (for one album), Los Siderals, Los Jaguars, etc. But the most overlooked are Los Pequeñas Tablistas. They are easily overlooked because they had no recordings released and, most importantly, because they averaged only three feet in height.

The Phantom or Phantom of the Opera?

The Phantom - anything with the Pat Boone seal of approval is OK by me!

Who is the best surfer in the band?

Johnny, as he's logged the most time on a board.

What is your message for the kids?

Kids hate surf music!


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