Monday, February 18, 2013


Ponctuation : If Thee Oh Sees were 2 guys and French Canadian.


Photo credit: Anthony Jourdain 

Who are you wearing?

Max: I like old school tennis shirts and greasy hair. I think Gui wears anything that fits his 6'5" frame.

Would you prefer to record an album with Lou Reed now or be in the Tea Party with Mo Tucker?

Record an album with Lou Reed for sure. It could not be worse than the "album" he did with Metallica anyways.

Who's the favorite son?

Max: Not Jean Charest.


What David Lynch movie would be better with a Ponctuation soundtrack?

Guillaume: Well, I'd say Eraserhead. Everybody compares my haircut to Jack Nance's.

Max: Don't know, but I wish Special Agent Dale Cooper would love PONCTUATION.


Favorite french word?

Max: "Chochotte" (Hi Cobrateens!)

How much reverb is too much reverb?

Guillaume: I'd say there's never enough, but if you're not sure if you're hearing a guitar or gregorian chant, I guess there's too much reverb.

Who would win between you two in a fist fight?

Guillaume: I used to win when we were kids but I guess I'd lose now.

Max: I agree.

Favorite use of punctuation in a rock n roll song?

Guillaume: It's more folk than rock n' roll but I'd say Jim Corcoran's "Je Me Tutoie".

If Ponctuation were a potato chip, what flavor would it be?

Guillaume: Something weird like Italian Poutine with dill pickles on top.

Any messages for the American youth?

Max: Hey, American youth, see you soon.


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Ponctuation will be playing a Cavestomp show at Parkside Lounge, NYC May 19th with Skip Jensen, The Living Kills and The Above. Event info HERE

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