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Who are you wearing?

Tony: My wife's pants, Sacha's socks and Dave's underwear.

Dave: A skin suit made of Jimmy "Hobo" Jones.  Sorry, Mrs. Jones, if you're
reading this.

Sacha: I thought everyone wanted to keep the Underoos thing on the DL but since you asked - I'm wearing Cat Women as I do every Friday, of course!

Anna: My clothes are pretty un-rock n roll. I feel I should take the 5th on this one.

If you could only buy one thing from the candy store, what would it be and why?

Tony: I would buy candy ring pops, because I like to feel like a princess.

Dave: Why?  Whatchamacallit, because it's the first candy i stole. And because I'm a kleptomaniac.


Sacha: Dark chocolate salted caramel balls. I just discovered them when I was buying giant lollipops for the band and I can't stop thinking about them.

Anna: The deed to the candy store. Cause I love me some candy.

You've covered the Misfits in French. Do you take challenges? If so, I'd love to hear what GG Allin sounds like in French.

Tony: I must admit I'm not the most knowledeable when it comes to GG Allin, but, as long as I don't have to eat shit (literally), I don't see why not.

Dave: I'm too embarrassed to ask Anthony how to say "anal cunt" in French. Though Anna is taking classes. Maybe you can ask her for me?

Sacha: Honestly, I find it hard to resist a challenge. They used to call me "Sacha Double Dare Chernoff" in high school. This has taken me to great heights and great lows - like when I drank the five containers of hot sauce for $5.

Anna: Do I take challenges? Have you seen me attempt to play bass? Talk about a challenge.

Best venue bathroom in NYC and why?

Tony: Now that is a good question. Union Pool's bathroom. For private reasons.

Dave : I like the bathroom at Don Pedro because it's big and dark enough to
have a really satisfying panic attack in.

Sacha: The big private one at Union Pool. Nice mirror for getting in costume pre-show.

Anna: I like any place with toilet paper and no ocean of pee on the floor. I will say that Union Hall has individual bathrooms and no signs about one person at a time though. Just saying.

If you had a Saturday morning cartoon where the Recordettes fought crime, what would each of your superpowers be?

Tony: I would much prefer to have a Sunday night cartoon. It would be like Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Recordettes would be launched into space by evil scientists and we would be forced to watched horrible rap-metal and indie rock band shows. And we would give hilarious comments. And Dave would be a robot.

Dave: Anna - Like a foxy Sherlock Holmes, Anna is a super genius crime solver.  She solves the crime, and then says a hysterical catch phrase like, "Fuck you, crime" or something - that works, right? Sacha - Like Mr. Fantastic, Sacha can contort and stretch her body in weird yoga- influenced ways to fight the bad guys  Also it sounds
really funny when she says "GWAR." Anthony - When angered he transforms into all three Hanson Bros. from "Slapshot." Dave - gets really drunk and then gets up early and goes to work.

Sacha: First, Tony (wearing his Magic Dancing shoes), would stun the bad guys with his Magical Interpretive Dancing. Then Dave (while holding his monkey side kick), would erase their memories with his Super Sonic Giggling. Next, I would convince  them to confess with my Mind Control Headband. Finally Anna would zap them with her Easy Going Ray Gun so they would discontinue their lives of crime.

Anna: Mine would be driving, cause I can’t drive. I consider it a superpower. I’ll drive the van. Also, I’d like us to dress like Jem and the Holograms. And fight the Misfits.

The Records or The Ronettes?

Tony: Can it be The Ronnettes backed by the Records?

Dave: Ronettes - because "Be My Baby" is the theme song for the black market baby business.

Sacha: The Ronnettes!! 

Anna: Hardest question of all time. It’s like asking, beer or wine. Cocaine or weed. Doggie style or...well, you get it. I am obsessed with The Records and The Ronettes, probably equally. I am a huge sucker for both late 70s power pop and 60s girl groups. Few people can beat Ronnie’s voice (Gladys Horton being one of them)…but then there is the amazingness that is ‘Starry Eyes’ and ‘Girls That Don’t Exist’…I refrain from choosing.

If John Waters was actually your dad, who would your mom be?

Tony: I guess the obvious answer would be Divine, but then, it wouldn't make much sense. The Egg Lady?

Dave: Kathleen Turner - duh.

Sacha: Tina Turner.

Anna: Debbie Harry. The song would go, “Debbie Harry, Debbie Harry, can you be the girl my dad marries…”

If the Recordettes had a signature cocktail, what would it taste like?

Tony: It would be so sugary that it would give you diabetes instantly. It would be called The Archie's.

Dave: Like a kosher poutine -with whipped cream and sprinkles and malort.

Sacha: It would taste like St. Germain and root beer, sweet yet vile.

Anna: Chocolate milk. Is that racist?

What's the least rock 'n roll city in the United States?

Tony: Any city The Recordettes have played is a rock n roll city...which means, pretty much only New York is rock n roll.

Dave: Intercourse, PA?

Sacha: Higgins, Texas.

Anna: Anywhere in CT.

The Recordettes seem to like dressing up for shows. Which group had the best outfits?

Tony: Gwar? I will give a shout out to two great Quebec bands. Starbuck et Les Impuissants and Pédro Pedro Et Ses enfants. That's dedication right there.

Dave: Outfits? It's either The Ramones or Gwar.  No, No.  It's Caroline, from Caroline and the Treats.

Sacha: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

Anna: Shangri-Las. Girls in leather pants in the 60s!!

Best song about a dance that includes directions on how to do it?

Tony: "Manon Viens Danser le Ska" by Donald Lautrec. It doesn't explain how to do it but it's the best.

Dave: "Safety Dance": "Everybody look at your hands."

Sacha: "Sophisticated Boom Boom".

Anna: "Time Warp".

You have a 45 coming out soon. What bands would the perfect review compare you to?

Tony: The perfect review would say that we re-invented rock n roll, and that from now on, every band should be compared to us.

Dave: Yes, Stryper, and Chuck Mangione. 

Sacha: The Groovie Ghoulies cartoon band, The Make Up, Ike and Tina and Serge Gainsbourg.

Anna: The Devil Dogs, or the Beach Boys on massive amounts of coke. So, the Devil Dogs or the Beach Boys.

Speaking of 45s: big hole or little hole?

Tony: Big hole. But just because I have high self esteem.

Dave: Little hole. Are you trying to give me a complex?

Sacha: Big. 

Anna: I like big holes. Little holes confuse me. WHEN I’M DJING! GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. Is it a 45rpm? 33rpm? I am easily confused and don’t need anything that is going to make my life harder.

What band would you want to extend a "Shower Request" to?

Tony: Phish? Any crusty punk bands?

Dave: GWAR!!!!

Sacha: Chain and the Gang. 

Anna: Actually, a shower request is a request you make to someone while they are in the shower. Something dirty. I think Cudzoo and the Faggettes know what I’m talking about.

Any message for the senior citizens out there?

Tony: I only want to go in their basement to steal their records.

Dave: If you have an erection lasting four or more hours, please seek immediate medical attention. That means you, weird uncle Fred.

Sacha: Congratulations on passing your driving test yesterday Grandma, and on your upcoming 94th birthday! 

Anna: You guys are already hard of hearing, so you should go to lots of rock n roll shows. You’ll never think it’s too loud. Then the next day you can sleep in all day. And you can do that every day. Man, you guys are really living the life!


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Friday, November 30th

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Lyres, Muck And The Mires, Jenny Dee And The Deelinquents


Saturday, December 8th

Cake Shop, NYC


Subsonics, Upper Crusts, The Lost Crusaders



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