Monday, February 18, 2013




Who are you wearing?

Ski-doo. I’ve got an old Ski-doo jacket that I like.

When will there be a Scat Rag Boosters reunion tour?

Never, probably. No use digging up the past, I think!

How many times have you forgotten your guitar before a gig?

I didn’t have a good guitar to play with for some time, so I had to borrow other people's guitars.

So, a lot of times I « forgot » my guitar, I could say.

Worst moment while touring Europe?

There’s been a few weird moments. Probably when I was stuck in a hotel room with two guys having sex high on chemicals in the next bed. One of them was a transsexual. But that ends up being kinda funny.

But the worst is probably when there’s no one at the shows. That is pretty discouraging.

Best thing about being a band in Montreal?

Being in Montreal, I like the city, although I wish I had a place to go in the country. People here are friendly most of the time.

If you could change one thing about Canada, what would it be?

The right wing government that we have right now.

Do you miss being a one man band?

Not really. I like to stand up more, I guess. I’ll get back to playing solo shows from time to time, but there’s something I don’t like about being alone on stage.

I’d rather be part of a gang, to do something with a group of people in a world that is so individualistic.

Favorite comic book artist?

There are a lot that I like. Right now I’m going through the Yoshihiro Tatsumi books. It’s mesmerizing, I’m really into it.

I’m reading his autobiographical book, A Drifting Life. It’s very good. I just can’t stop reading it.

The Pushman and Abandon the old in Tokyo are amazing too.

It’s really peculiar. I’m happy that his books are being translated.

I really like Christophe Blain, Tardi and some more.

I don’t have just one favorite, but Tatsumi is my new discovery.

Favorite Canadian band?

I really don’t know, seriously. I don’t have one that I like enough to mention, sorry.

Maybe Simply Saucer, but I didn’t listen to them all that much, so I don’t know…

Any message for the kids?

Get out of the mold, it sucks!

Don’t be a stupid arrogant human being, respect other people, animals, and the world you live in. Thank you!





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