Monday, February 18, 2013


Spencey Dude & The Doodles: They do want to be loved. 


Who are you wearing?

I'm wearing a fierce hot pink top with a sickening neon blue mini from Forever21.

What's your best break up story?

The best one was probably when I broke up with my grandmother because I did it over a Facebook comment on her wall and she was totally mortified and heartbroken. But a bad kisser is a bad kisser, am I right, ladies?

Dirtiest word you know in french?

Is "felch" French? It's dirty. Seems like those Frenchies would be into it.

What Rolling Stones album would be better if played by Spency Dude and the doodles?

What's the double album of their hits called? Cuz we could definitely play that one better.

Why dont you want to be loved?

I DO want to be loved. I just say I don't as a defense mechanism against those who don't love me because sometimes it hurts too bad to admit to them and to myself that I need their love.

I am human and I need to be loved.

What topping would be on the Spencey Dude pizza?

Pesto and pepperoni. Simple and delightful.

Draw us a dirty doodle!!!!!!



What is the craziest party you've ever been to?

When I was in high school there was a party where this rich girl's parents were out of town and everyone poured beer into the television and stereo and threw priceless vases and works of art off of the balcony onto the hillside below. There was probably $100k worth of damage done and it all happened while she was in another room giving drunken blowjobs to some dudes. She always seemed different after that party - her eyes were kinda blank like her soul was gone for good.

Terry Malts said there was no scene in San Francisco. Any comments?

I really wouldn't know either way.

What is your message for the kids?

Great question!

Drugs: do some hallucinogens if you want, but don't do them every day. Everything you want to see through hallucinogens can be seen without them. Drink a bunch of booze while you're young, before the hangovers start. Believe it or not, hangovers get so bad when you get older that it's almost not worth it anymore. Do not drink if you cry or get in fistfights while drunk cuz nobody's gonna wanna hang with you. Coke's a joke. Heroin is for carrion.

Sex: Don't have too much sex unless you really love the person you're with.

Parents: If your parents are lame, just listen to a Walkman at dinner.


School: Teachers will pass you no matter how dumb you are as long as you smile and pretend to care about what they're teaching.

Lastly, don't develop a Coca Cola habit cuz that can be hard to kick and before you know it, you're fat.





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