Saturday, February 16, 2013


The Spits: Seattle punk legends. Bastard child of The Ramones and Devo.




Who are you wearing?

Erin Wood (bass): I’m wearing Levi Strauss. An outfit by Levi Strauss.

Did your stylist pick it out for you?

Erin: Absolutely. I wouldn’t be seen without consultation.

Thee Cormans said that all the bands on In The Red are shit. What are your thoughts on that?

Erin: Well, coming from Thee Cormans, I’d say, they’re pretty much right! I agree with Thee Cormans. Pretty much shit. Including The Spits.

Who has the best and who has the worst tattoos in the band?

Erin: That would be Sean and Sean. Because his are so bad they’re really good. And I did them, so. I tried [tattooing] when I was younger, in my twenties.

Now you just rock full time?

Erin: Full time rocker!

What did you think of the Cakeshop show last night?

Erin: Amazing. Yeah. It’s better every time we do it. I still wanna do it, I just don’t know how we’re gonna approach it next time. It got so hot, so packed.

We’ve never seen it that packed.

Erin: Yeah, it was nuts.

How hot on stage is too hot?

Erin: Last night! It was about a hundred plus degrees – that’s way too hot. My kidneys hurt, they’re like, drained. I’ve had a hard time rehydrating today.

Do you guys play a lot of places that are that small and that hot?

Erin: No, no, we don’t. But it’s fun when you do. And you get a god turnout and get paid decently, like you do there.

I’m just gonna do a free association. Tell me what comes to mind when I say a couple words.

Erin: You got it. Hold on, let me shake it off. Okay.


Erin: I see…Fruit Loops.

New York?

Erin: New York? Hmm. I see…Williamsburg.


Greg: Body painting.

Lance: Oh yeah.

Erin: Body painting. Yes.

Greg: Body painting party.

That’s a group concensus?

Greg: A body painting party.

With cake?

Erin: Yeah.

Greg: We walked by one on the Bowery.

Lance: Yeah, there was like this big window and all these nude girls getting painted on. 


Lance: Yeah.

Did you go in and check it out?

Greg: No, we just stared at the window.


Erin: Knitting? Kittens.

And TV Ghost?

Greg: Spooky.

Erin: Shit.

Lance: Whoa!

Erin: No, no. TV Ghost? I see…

Greg: Casper.

Erin: (laughs) Tim’s hair is what I see when I think of TV Ghost.


What’s the worst place you’ve ever slept after a show?

Erin: Oh that would be European squats. They’re all really bad.

Lance: Actually, I slept in a dog bed.

Erin: Oh, that was bad, yeah, a really, really hairy one too.


How’d you end up in a dog bed?

Lance: I was wasted. And I thought it was, I don’t know, I just thought it was a big pillow. And it happened to be a dog’s bed. And I have asthma too, so I woke up and I’m like [makes wheezing sounds].

Erin: What was the dog? It was like a Newfoundland or something.

Lance: Yeah, it shed like crazy. I remember waking up and I had a black t-shirt on I think, and black Dickies, and I was just completely covered in white hair, everywhere. It was in my mouth and my nose, in my eyes.


What are some road survival tips?

Erin: Ooh. Well, bring Preparation H.

Greg: Fiber pills.

Erin: Huh?

Greg: Fiber pills.

Erin: (laughs) This should be survival tips for The Spits, yeah.

Greg: Fiber pills, Preparation H…

Erin: Throat spray.

Greg: Ben Gay. Foot cream.

Erin: Yeah, for sure, foot cream. And bring enough money to eat.


What’s The Spits preferred form of contraception?

Erin: Oh, the rhythm method.

Lance: We use the withdrawal method.


Who has the sexiest beer gut?

Erin: Oh, that would be Sean.

Lance: I don’t know, that’s a toss up between you and Sean.

Erin: I guess it’s coming in quite nice, isn’t it?

Lance: Mine’s just beginning. I have a little roll right now.



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