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Who are you wearing?

Stephane: Right now, Mr. Levi.

Daniel: Right now? Beatle boots, customized low waist bootcut Steve Marriot style black Levi's jeans, a vintage Penney's button down high collar plaid shirt and a vintage Levi's corduroy trucker jacket! So I'm wearing Levi's, Steve Marriot, and vintage JC Penney!

Best thing about Montreal?

Stephane: An obvious answer would be the festivals and music scene, but I have to say that the fact that both anglo and franco cultures live in peaceful harmony is kind of nice.

Daniel: Imagine Brooklyn, but affordable!! It's the best place in the world to be poor! Lots of music, lots of artists, and lots and lots of beautiful ladies. But although there are many beautiful ladies in Montreal, I was fortunate enough to find the nicest and most beautiful in town, my girlfriend Carole!

Best Chelsea: New York, London, or Chelsea Handler?

Stephane: I've only seen London's. It's a shame I still haven't been to the New York neighborhood.

Daniel: I had no idea who Chelsea Handler was so I checked her out; yeah, she's cute but I'd rather have sex with New York.

What's a diller and what's the best way to kill one?

Stephane: idea.

Daniel: I guess it has to be some sort of humungous phallic shaped Kosher pickle! To kill it would make you the Lorena Bobbitt of marinated phallic symbols. 

If you had to choose: music or the look?

Stephane: I would choose music since I can't live without it. Yet, as a kid I would go through my mom's closet and find clothes I thought made me look like Mick Jagger, and work those moves in the mirror. Consequently, for me being in a band, or see a band play live, is very much about looks. I don't understand bands playing in t-shirts and sandals. If you have the guts to get up there and shake your ass, do it with style!

Daniel: How can one go without the other? I just hear Slip Harpo and Booker T and the MG's when I choose what shirt I'm going to wear that day! You gotta be cool, specially on stage. I just wish I could be like Fred Flintstone's private detective Perry Gunite and have a beatnik jazz double bass playing whenever I walk around in the street acting cool!

Best old school New York hip hop band?

Stephane: Been a fan of the Beasties since the beginning, same with Public Enemy. My old band used to cover 'She Watch Channel Zero.' 

Daniel: Thank you Beastie Boys for saving 1986 from being a VERY boring year!

If Le Chelsea Beat were a horror villian, like Jason or Freddy, would would it's weapon of choice be?

Stephane: Le Chelsea Beat's weapon of choice is a meteor. A Pat Meteor!

Daniel: The rusty spoon. You gotta love a slow and painful death that includes tetanus.

You have the choice of being the band that created one of these songs: Louie Louie, Money, Do You Love Me, Black Betty. Which do you pick?

Stephane: 'Do You Love Me' by KISS? I'll go with that one. 'You really like my seven-inch leather heels...'

Daniel: Definitely 'Money' - I just love that song, especially The Stones' version!! Soo punk!

Who got the beat?

Stephane: The Chelsea does! On a good night our shows can make Stephen Hawking leave his wheelchair and do the boogaloo!

Have you heard about the bird?

Stephane: Yeah, and the bird is weird!

Daniel: Let me answer these two last questions. Check out this great video of Freddie King playing 'Funnybone' on The Beat.

By the look of this guy's head and neck (that's just about to explode), I would say that he heard about the bird, he caught the bird, deep fried the poor thing and ate it. It was finger licking cool. 



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