Monday, February 18, 2013


Subsonics: Shoot first and hit the gas.


Who are you?

Clay: It depends on when you ask me...since you're askin me now...I am Clay#3 - the one that answers interview questions.

Buffi: My name is Buffi Aguero.

Rob: My name is Buffi Aguero.

Who are you wearing?

Clay: I am wearing Mr Magoo.

Buffi: I am wearing Ernest & Julio Gallo.

Rob: I am wearing Crazy Joe Gallo.

Would you prefer to have in your band Lou Reed or Jonathan Richman?

Clay: Jimmy Reed...I think that's a good compromise.

Buffi: Lou Rawls.

Rob: Why would we want professional wrestlers in our band?

Favorite kind of peanuts?

Clay: Creamy.

Buffi: The kind of peanuts you can't see...but that are all around you.

Rob: Booker T. and the MGs.

One good thing and one bad thing about being a band in Atlanta?

Clay: The good thing is the bad thing.

Buffi: There is no good or bad.

Rob: It's all in the eye of the beheaded.

Why such a long wait for a new album?

Clay: I had indigestion.

Buffi: My car was in the shop.

Rob: My submarine was double parked.

Road survival tips?

Clay: Don't talk.

Buffi: Shoot first and hit the gas.

Rob: Take a plane.

How influential, in the Atlanta scene, were The Vendettas?

Clay: They inspired a whole cadre of shallow imitations.

Buffi: It had a tremendous influence on a mass exodus from the city.

Rob: It made getting public funding impossible.

Who is your band's nemesis?

Clay: Mostly, they are all dead or in jail.

Buffi: And those are the happy endings.

Rob: The rest are Jiffy Lube managers.

What is your message for the kids?

Clay: Whatever it is you're doing, please just stop it.

Buffi: Go change your diaper.

Rob: Just wait till your father gets home!

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Upcoming Shows:

Friday December 7th

Grand Victory, Brooklyn

w/Living Kills, Loose Pistons, The Insomniacs, The Monsieurs



Saturday, December 8th

Cake Shop, NYC

w/ The Recordettes, Upper Crust, Lost Crusaders



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