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The Sugar Stems: The Archies meets Nick Lowe in a dark brightly colored alley.    


Who are you wearing?

Drew: The skin of Drew Fredrichsen.

Jon: Wrangler jeans, Converse shoes, Fruit of the Loom undies and a Bad Sports t-shirt.

Steph: Salvation Army, Target (Merona) and Hanes.

Betsy: Who am I NOT wearing!


Salt or sugar?

Betsy: Why not both?

Drew: Sugar! Salt is for pretzels and french fries, I'm not one of those.

Jon: I LOVE ice cream so I guess I would have to choose sugar. Other than that I'm not really a sugar nor a salt man.

Steph: Yesterday was sugar! I had a craving for chocolate and our office chocolate drawer was empty and so I was asking everyone under the sun if they had any more and no one did so I went across the street to the local coffee shoppe and got myself a chocolate chip cookie.


Favorite Nick Lowe trivia?

Drew: With Nick Lowe you can spell: Own, Kin, Lock,Ew, On, New, Clown, Ice, Low, Ow, Cow, Nice, Owl, Kin, We, Woe, Won, Lew and, Nick Lowe.

Jon: Not really trivia but Rockpile is one of the greatest bands ever. Everyone should own Seconds of Pleasure, Tracks on Wax 4, Repeat When Necessary, Labour of Lust, and, ya know, every other Dave Edmunds record and Pure Pop For Now People/Jesus of Cool. I'm a Dave Edmunds freak, anything that man touches is gold, except for the first Foghat album which is not that good at all.

Steph: I can't name any trivia about Nick Lowe off hand, but a fun fact related to Nick Lowe is that my better half won tickets to see him here in town next week. That's neat.

Betsy: Saw him live once, he's great!


If you were a cartoon band (like the Archies), what would be the plot of your cartoon?

Drew: I think the Sugar Stems would go around and fight the "Frowns". We'd have a catchy song like, "Coming to your town, to fight the Frowns, sha la-la-la-la-la-la." We would pet dogs for power.

Steph: "Petting our dogs for power" - hahaha. Definitely.

Jon: We would be on tour and each episode would team up with other bands that we meet and help them solve a problem they are having, whether they like it or not.

Betsy: Something involving mystery solving or crime fighting.


Stranded on an island, who would be the first one in the band to get eaten?

Drew: Not me, I'm fast, ZOOOOOOM.

Jon: Betsy, because she doesn't eat meat, so she probably tastes the best. I weigh the most though so I would have to watch my back.

Steph: I don't know. Probably me actually.

Betsy: Probably me because I'm a vegetarian and wouldn't want to eat anyone else.


Worst food you've eaten on tour?

Drew: A Garlic Gus pickle. It was much better served as the phallic prop than an edible item.

Jon: I once ate cat food on a cracker in Montreal. I wouldn't recommend it.

Steph: We ate pretty well if I recall, but I got really grossed out watching Drew eat that Garlic Gus.

Betsy: I don't remember eating anything bad on tour. All the food was delicious, especially pizza in NYC and all the assorted gas station snacks.


What is your position on coke?

Drew: Currently 4.3 feet away from one.

Jon: I don't do hard drugs. And frankly, I'm appalled you would ask such a question.

Steph: Regular coke from a fountain can't be beat!

Betsy: Sometimes I crave diet soda when I'm hungover.


Best bubblegum pop song?

Drew: "Get your skis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit, the taste is gonna move ya. Take a SNIFF, pull it out, the taste is gonna move ya when ya pop it in your mouth. Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya, chews so soft, gets right to ya. Juicy Fruit, the taste the taste the taste is gonna move ya."

Betsy: "Feelin' So Good" by the Archies.

Steph: A while back, a buddy sent me a CD-R of a bubblegum mix he made for himself, and a song called "You Don't Have To" by a band called The Beeds was on there and I could listen to that song ALL DAY! Best for putting on repeat and dancing around to when you're getting ready to go out. Jon just found the song name and band for me cos the CD-R track listing was all blurry! Thanks, Jon!! I never knew it until now. This is exciting!

Jon: "Vibrations" by Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution, hands down! SUPERSTATICINSTAMATICELECTRICVIBRATIONS ROLLIN UP IN DOWN INSIDE OF MEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Best band on Dusty Medical?

Drew: I don't like rating. I always have to take a sick day after I watch VH1's Top 100. Rating hurts my tummy. 

Jon: Any band I was/am in, of course (Tuff Bananas, Sticks N Stones, Catholic Boys, Sugar Stems). But ya know, Goodnight Loving and Head On Electric are pretty fab too.

Steph: I don't know if they're the best, but my favorite band is Goodnight Loving.

Betsy: Goodnight Loving and the Catholic Boys.


Old Milwaukee or Milwaukee's Best?

Drew: Whichever is more wet.

Jon: Here in Milwaukee, if we HAVE to choose (which they are both pretty gross if you ask me) we will drink Milawukee's Best. We call it "Beast Ice" or "Beast Light".

Steph: Milwaukee's Best Ice.

Betsy: Blatz.



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