Monday, February 18, 2013


Sulthan Bathery: Not as classy as Italians are supposed to be.


Who are you?

We are Boy at voice and guitar, Fred at bass and Teo at drums. We are three best friends playin' in a band, bookin' shows in our town and having fun together! We've know each other for a long time and Sultan Bathery is just this! Friendship, fun and psychedelia.

Who are you wearing?

HAHAHA! We are not as classy as Italian are supposed to be. We spend all our money on records, instruments and parties.

By the way, Fred has the satanic biker style and Teo is comin' directly from a 70s poliziotteschi!


Did you meet God at Sulthan Bathery?

Sultan Bathery is like the smallest and dirtiest city ever, totally an absurd place, in the middle of nowhere in South India.

A kinda middle age situation! It was so funny and weird. We walked all day with our toy gun shooting each other in our Jeep deep in the jungle, went to a horrible cinema with Bollywood films, tried to hook up with Indian school girls in our hotel, and went to the worst and only bar in town allowed to sell alcohol.

Gods are everywhere, and even in Sultan Bathery you just need the right attunement and...weed in a temple can make most things possible!

As it as been said, OM NAMA SHIVAJA...All is God!

Is hell real for you?

For sure! It's within ourselves and we contribute to creating it. Hell is the response of matter to our extreme requests of egotistic pleasures. Dont mess with Karma!

Have you ever been arrested on battery charges?

Never arrested, except the singer, when he was younger broke into a closed swimming pool, got high with friends, and it ended with hands on wall and gun in the back.

The bass player was searched by police for something that cannot be written here, stayed away from home for a while and luckily ended up with nothing.

But actually, we are really good guys.

Any good Mark Sultan stories?

We don't know him. Saw him once live and was good but not exciting. We just have in common the "sultan" word, although we must admit that he has one of the most beautiful voices of recent times.

We thought about the name a lot, wonderin' about having Sultan in the name and playing music where Mark Sultan is the famous one, but we liked the name and ended with a big fuck off to Mark Sultan (nothin personal! hahahaha).

What kind of animal represents you the best?

Monkeys! Crazy and tricky!


What's your favorite Italian word?

'Sei invertito?' is like, 'Are you inverted?', meaning, "Are you gay?" It's a thing we invented and we are constantly saying it!

And another super highlight is Fioi (plural) that in our dialect means like "dudes". If you are a Fio (singular) you are right!

What are you looking for the most on your US tour?

FUN FUN FUN, have good shows, meet nice people, go around with the almighty April, eat supersized stuff, record shopping, stupid stuff shopping...

What's your message to the kids?

Damn! This seems like something to ask someone who's big and influential! That's not our case at all!

We'd like to answer politically correct or something, but basically we just want to have fun, stay together, rock around and play loud!


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