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Tiger! Tiger!'s hot bass mama Susanne Gibboney wins the most awesome interview award this week because she sent us a MULTIMEDIA INTERVIEW complete with photos and videos to accompany every answer. We were so excited we cried a little.


Who are you wearing?

We are wearing Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug Plus and Rainbow (the store and the vision). The guys are wearing their clothes for weeks on end. None of us are wearing underwear!

Musical reply: Jimmy James, 'Fashionista'


Favorite Tiger Beat pin up?

My Tiger pin up would be The Biebz (Buffi's is Chachi or Schneider from One Day At A Time).

Musical reply: The Bangs, 'Tiger Beat'


Worst show you've ever played?

I guess even the upper crust of bands has played a bad show, but I can't remember one. My favorite show was Fiesta Atlanta!

Musical reply: Janet Jackson, 'Rhythm Nation'


What's the hottest thing about Atlanta?

Hotlanta is known for peaches and hip hop and we love both.

Musical reply: .38 Special, 'Hot 'Lanta'


If there was a Tiger! Tiger! pizza, what would the toppings be?

Mario is definitely the sausage, because we call him sausage fingers and Mr. Pizza. Fo' real. Sam is the up-sell topping like truffle oil, because he makes us look classy. Buffi is the pepperoni since she is what everyone wants. Shane is the cheese that keeps everyone in their place. Susanne is the pineapple ring cause she's the fruit in the can.

Musical reply: The Olsen Twins, 'Pizza Song'


In the Tiger! Tiger! cartoon, what would your van be called?

The van is called Whispering Dreams and Double Rainbows and possibly Nice Things (we can't have 'em), maybe the Glam Van.

Musical reply: Sammy Johns, 'Chevy Van'


What's the best kind of goodnight?

A sincere good night! Our dream night involves vodka and coke.

Musical reply: Wings, 'Goodnight Tonight'


Favorite thing about playing New York?

My favorite thing about New York is all the food! Let's eat!

Musical reply: Jonathan Richman, 'Springtime in New York'


Desert island album? Meaning, what band's music do you hate so much you'd rather be stranded on a desert island than have to listen to?

Being in a band is hard, and even the worst band has to endure a lot to put out an album. But I would prefer to not listen to experimental jazz.

Musical reply: Billy Ray Cyrus, 'Achy Breaky Heart'


Best way to defend yourself against a tiger attack?

Never enter a tiger's environment, but I would recommend a bait and switch tactic if you can't avoid them. Bring something to distract them, like a coffee can full of money, and run like hell.

Musical reply: Survivor, 'Eye of the Tiger'





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