Monday, February 18, 2013


TERRY MALTS: If the Ramones had the Smiths' sensibility and were on Dischord.


Who are you wearing?

Phil: 45 Grave.

Corey: This is Levi's, actually.

Who would take the longest to kill in the band?

Phil: Probably Nathan because he's the fittest. Corey and I don't really work out except when we work our livers out.

Nathan: I'm easy to find though, because I am usually on a couch or on a golf course. Just wait until I'm done with the hole.

Describe your perfect weekend.

Phil: Personnally, it would be hanging out with my girlfriend. I know, it's kind of cheesy. And we would be doing nothing. We would be sitting around eating snacks.

Corey: As long as there are beers involved, it's good for me.

Weirdest thing you went to the doctor for?

Phil: Two years ago I broke my ankle sliding, trying to do like a Duke of Hazzard slide on a parked car. I think that was pretty weird because I wasn't drunk either. I was just being stupid.

Corey: I got really constipated once and I went to the doctor to see if there was a turd stuck.

Nathan: I have never been to the doctor in my life.

How much bass is too much bass?

Nathan: We'll ask these guys when they're done with their soundcheck. [Ed. note: While we were interviewing the band, some electronic band was soundchecking the hell of their songs].

What's your favorite Ramones trivia?

Corey: They had one member named Elvis Ramone, who is the drummer from Blondie.


Any tips for aspiring touring bands?

Phil: I would say, Wet Wipes. We actually nicknamed this tour the anal destruction tour because everywhere, in every gas station, there is the worst toilet paper.

Nathan: And we are constantly eating hot sauce because that is just how we eat. And maybe bring a sleeping bag to sleep on.

What is your favorite scene in Mallrats?


Corey: My favorite scene in Mallrats? There are a lot of good scenes in that. What does he say to his friend when he opens the door? ''Holy shit! If it isn't mon frère''. I like the fact that he's playing NHL 94 on Genesis. [Ed. note: He is playing NHL ALL STAR on Sega Saturn].

If Terry Malts was a liquor, what kind of liquor would it be?

Nathan: Malt Liquor!

Who is Terry Malts?

Nathan: My uncle. He just got out of prison. So we decided to pay tribute to him.

Do you have a message for the kids?

Phil: Be true to yourself.

Corey: Drop out of school.

Nathan: Eat your vegetables.


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