Monday, February 18, 2013


Thee Cormans: not a surf band.


Who are you wearing?

A denim vest and a smile.

Why did surf music suck so much before Thee Cormans?

It was good in the '60s. A couple bands pulled it off in the '90s. And Thee Cormans aren't a surf band and surf music still sucks.

Who's the best kisser in the band?

Fagenstein is the best dick kisser.

What's cooler - being a surfer or a biker?

Neither. Having a white collar job, a sports car and a trophy wife is the coolest.

Who is the worst band on In The Red?

This is like asking whose shit tastes the worst. It's all shit, it's all bad.

Best thing you ever stole?

We steal the show every time we play.

How much fuzz is too much fuzz?

If she has a moustache that's thicker than ours, it's too much.

What horror movie would be better with a complete Thee Cormans soundtrack?

Any horror movie with boobs in it.

Describe your perfect day at the beach?

Small waves, big dicks in Speedos, 80 year olds in string bikinis.

Worst gig you ever played?

They just keep getting worse and worse with every show.



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