Monday, February 18, 2013


Thee Fine Lines: Primitive rock n rollers from Springfield.


Who are you?

Kevin: Kevin James Schneider.

Justin: Justin L. Kearbey of Thee Fine Lines.

Jason: Jason Kearbey.

Who are you wearing?

Kevin: A pair of pants I found on the floor of a movie theatre I was cleaning, and a t-shirt from a 2010 film festival given to me at the same theatre.

Justin: I'm not wearing anyone!

Jason: Who wears short shorts?

Where do you draw the line?

Kevin: Checkmate honey, you're the only one who's got to choose where to draw the line.

Justin: Paper.

Jason: I prefer walking the line because I'm the only daddy that will.

What is the finest wine you ever tasted?

Kevin: Miller High Life - it's the champagne of beers.

Justin: Cheerwine.

Jason: Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker.

The Mummies or The Rip Offs?

Kevin: Are you talking about last year when those looters ripped off the heads of two mummies in that museum in Cairo?

Justin: The Mr. T Experience songs Jon Von sings.

Jason: The Mummy Offs.

Why is Thee is better than The?

Kevin: It's more confusing. I enjoy explaining the band's name and pronunciation to drunk people.

Justin: It's not!

Jason: It has fewer letters.

Best thing about being a band in Springfield?

Kevin: Driving three hours from St. Louis for band practice.

Justin: Easy access to other cities?

What is the best environment to write a Thee Fine Lines song?

Kevin: I don't know, I've never written one.

Justin: A lonely bedroom.

Jason: Sleeping in the van in a parking lot while on tour in New York.

Who is the best kisser in the band?

Kevin: Probably Jason, he kissed a girl so good she had a baby.

Justin: I don't know. I've never kissed the other guys.

Jason: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

What is your message to the kids?

Kevin: Download our songs to the portable music player of your choosing.

Justin: I don't think kids like our band, but if any are reading this: Don't be a rock star. Do it for fun.

Jason: If the kids are united, they will never be divided!

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