Monday, February 18, 2013


Zachary James & The All Seeing Eyes: Perfect 20/20 Vision...and music.


Who are you?

The title track from The Who's 1978 release.

Who are you wearing?

A skin suit of a kid named Zachary James!

Do you wear womens' underwear?

Haha. No, but I have in the past. I was at a party once, got wasted and went swimming in my underwear. Instead of just rocking my jeans I ended up with a pair of girls' underwear on. Not the most comfortable thing. Ha!

Favorite T. Rex song?

I actually don't have a single favorite of anything but It's a close tie between Rabbit Fighter and Teenage Dream. I have a song called STARPEOPLE off my new album SPACE CASE that is very T. Rex inspired. Everything Marc has released is great! I love the way he incorporates 50's rock 'n' roll with his glammy soul-infused sound.

Favorite Alien rocker: Jobriath, Zolar X or Davie Bowie?

Bowie! He is a genius, his lyrics are so unique, and his band…wham bam thank you ma'am! Mick Ronson is the most underrated guitarist. He had such an amazing sense of melody and his execution was so punk rock! That's something I really enjoy in a player. Prince is really punk rock too.

On what other planet would you like to live on?

Pleiades. It's a star cluster in the Milky Way galaxy. Actually, the new album SPACE CASE is being pressed on a limited edition five color galaxy swirl vinyl 12" dusted with silver glitter to resemble stars based on the Milky Galaxy! It's the first time a record of this galactic proportion will have been made! We're releasing SPACE CASE December 3rd in conjunction with a rare mystical astrological phenomenon that only occurs once every 2,737 years: the alignment of the ancient Egyptian pyramids of Giza with the planets Saturn, Venus and Mercury!

What do you see with your all-seeing eyes?

Into different dimensions of space and time! It allows me to see into the future. I just travel in time to hear my new album then plagiarize myself!

Can you tell me one good thing and one bad thing about being a super tall frontman?

The good thing about being super tall is the weather's great up here. Bad thing is people think I'm on stilts and when I lift my bell bottoms they're really disappointed that my legs aren't made of wood.

If you were an Egyptian God, which one would you be?

Thoth! I read this book written by a woman who claimed Thoth was an alien who contacted her to tell her the story of the universe. It ruled!


What is your message to the kids?

BE WEIRD and grow a beard! Not the beard part.


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