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Every day this week, we’ll be posting a different holiday question that some bands we’ve interviewed since the blog’s inception have been nice enough to answer.

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Today, we present:

Family member who gets the most drunk at Christmas?


Tony LoFi of One Chord Progression - I'd love to say me but it's probably my mom. And the way to know if she's drunk is when she gets on the table and sings (read,  screams) Christmas Song while dancing.

Anna Anabolic of One Chord Progression - No hilarious holiday drunks in my family. We’re Jewish. Maybe it’s the eggnog that does it.

Cudzoo & The Faggettes - I truly believe that with hard work and determination, YOU can be the drunkest person at every family event.

Kim Fowley – Kim Fowley was a given away child. Parents are dead now, never knew my siblings.

Jenny Dee & The Dee-Linquents - It's really hard to pick just one. Let's just say we're a family that likes to have fun.

Bradley Dean of Bradley Dean & The Terminals - Great-Great Grandma. Must be what keeps her going…I follow her lead.

Michael Quintain of Bradley Dean & The Terminals/Quitty & The Donts - It's usually a competition between me, dad, and the dog. The dog always wins.

Micheal Chandler of The Lost Crusaders - The holidays would be a lot more of an adventure if someone in my family actually did.

George Tabb of Furious George/Volume & Tone - Oh, that's an easy one, Scooter, my Yorkshire Terrorist, once drank an almost full bottle of Budweiser. The singer of my band at the time was Scot, who sang in Iron Prostate. He had come over on Christmas, and spilled a lot of beer onto the floor. Scooter almost drank it all up, and walked around bumping into things all night long. Then it was some smarty pants who had the idea to give him a shotgun with marijuana. I think Scooter tripped whatever he had left of his balls that night. He woke up next to me upside down. With his leash half off. Kids, what can you do?

Warren Thomas of The Abigails - Well, my dad doesn't drink, my mom just has a couple glasses of wine, my sister is a stoner, sooo....

Palmyra Delran of Palmyra Delran Band/The Friggs- Nobody...Spaniards know how to hold their booze. Or so they think.

Evan Shore from Muck & The Mires – Me.

King Salami & The Cumberland III - Dipso the pot-bellied pig.

Bill Florio of Little Seizures - Every family member to date who's gotten wasted at Xmas was not part of the family the next Christmas, mostly Non-Blood Uncles and philandering Grandparents.

Alex White of White Mystery - Gotta love that egg nog.

JB of The Living Kills - I could answer that truthfully, but I'd get in trouble.

Mr. Lee from Dead Flowers Productions - Seeing as I am a secular Jew who celebrates Winter Solstice I'd have to say me... Pass the bourbon!

Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound - All of them.

Dave Smilow of The Recordettes/Party Lights/Sin Destroyers - me.  I make a "white lightnin' egg nog with a latke garnish" that'll make you plotz!

Dean Rispler of Drug Front Records - I come from a really laid-back Jewish family. No one really drinks that much. And the only asshole who got really wasted at any events with my family is me. It was fun for a while. My parents thought I was really funny when I was drunk. Now that I'm older, they're not so into it anymore. When I'm on my third glass of wine, they start getting nervous and asking questions.

George M. Jackson of Naked Heroes -My uncle Ritchie. He usually has made a pass at someone and is passed out with his head on the table by the end.

Bobby Hussy of The Hussy - My uncle makes the best Old Fashioneds but usually he's not the most drunk. It's usually his son, go figure.

Heather Hussy of The Hussy - My aunt gets way drunk off of early times.

Peter Santa Maria of Jukebox Zeros - Well, between the spiked egg nog, cocktails before dinner, the wine at dinner, more cocktails and beers after dinner... BURRRRRP!
The answer is ME!

Stephane Plante of Kid Sentiment - Me.

Joe Belock of Three Chord Monte (WFMU) - Yours truly, especially this year!

Dwight Weeks of Bamboo Kids - Was me. Now it's me sainted ma.

Jim Chander of Twin Guns - Me.

Andrea Sicco of Twin Guns -  Jim.

Sacha Chernoff of The Recordettes - Grandma gets most wasted.

Rebecca Seung of Get Bent - Uh, me obviously.

Stephane Courval of Le Chelsea Beat - When I was a kid back in the 70's and 80's, boy did my relatives ever drink! I remember my uncle, who is a retired medical doctor now, being on call on New Year's Day--very "scotched."

Al Huckabee of 1-800-Band -  Me.

Rob Dyrenforth of 1-800-Band -  No, I can't answer that.

Polly Watson of 1-800-Band - Dad.

Jimmi Quinn of Light Bulb Alley - I cannot remember. Does that mean it was me?

Clermont Ferrand of Les Sans-Culottes - That would be my Uncle Clermont. The man would drink sweat off a grape. Disgusting.

Shouting Thomas of The Torments - Sadly, I am usually the most drunk family member over Christmas. I've never fallen into a Christmas tree though. Class.

Chris DiPinto of Creem Circus - Sorry, no drunken family members, but a bunch of 5yr olds totally trashed our house last year…does that count?

Fred Shankar of Sultan Bathery -  My parents don't drink so I guess it's me.

Gio of Sultan Bathery - Mom.

Teo of Sultan Bathery - Me!

Devon Dunsmoor of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - I spend my Christmasses in Iowa (where I’m from) so we ALL know how to get down n’ dirty with some cheap beer during the Holidays…or any days…

Laura Carlucci of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Me, absolutely.

John Carlucci of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - My wife Laura, absolutely.

Kenny Wessel of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - My Dad would get pretty ripped. He’d bust into laughter before the punchline!

Rikki Styxx of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Me. Spiced Rum & Eggnog, But only once, I learned my lesson!

Seb Paquin of Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors - Definitely me. And I always end up trying to hide it.

Izi Laterreur Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors -  My aunt drinks like an heartbroken sailor man on a trip to nowhere.

Alexis of Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors - Me. And I don't care if it shows.

Nicolas Beaudoin of Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors - I come from lac St-jean. We're always all drunk. (And blood related).

Eric Davidson of Livids/New Bomb Turks - Any given uncle, including yours truly.

Maxime Chiasson of Ponctuation - Grandpa gets wasted and and tells dirty stories!

Jim Diamond - Me.

Betsy of Sugar Stems - Jon, when we to go to his family's house. And my step-mom, who likes to get tipsy on good wine while she's making us fantastic holiday meals.

Drew of Sugar Stems - Well, between my brother and my 12 year old nephew, I'd say my brother.

Steph of Sugar Stems - We're all pretty good at doing that....

Jon of Sugar Stems - Betsy is right, it is usually a tie between me and the Mother-In-Law.

Michael Lynch of Michael Lynch Band/The Brimstones/Palmyra Delran Band - My family didn't get drunk at Christmas. Sugar highs? Hell, yeah. But drunk? Not so much.

Buffi Aguero of Subsonics - You know, I don't know this guy's name...but he'd show up every year drunk as a skunk. In fact, I'm not sure anyone knew who he was, or that he was actually a relative.

Clay Reed of Subsonics - It's not nice to speak ill of the dead. However, it is ok to speak ill of people on the liver transplant waiting list.

Karen of Dear Hearts - Uh oh.

Nicotina of Dear Hearts - What?

Karen of Dear Hearts - Family member who gets the most drunk?

Nicotina of Dear Hearts - My dad.

Karen of Dear Hearts - He doesn’t drink that much.

Nicotina of Dear Hearts - No, but my mom doesn’t drink, so that makes him the most drunk by default.

Karen of Dear Hearts - I’ll say, Uncle Bob.

Nicotina of Dear Hearts - Who’s Uncle Bob?

Karen of Dear Hearts - Ok, I don’t actually have an Uncle Bob, but I feel like Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices is the universe’s best drunk uncle ever. So, I choose to believe that, with a little help from Santa’s helpers Budweiser or Jack Daniel’s or some such, he’ll take the title once again this year.

Nicotina of Dear Hearts -  Mmm.

(Fun fact: Nicotina is making Martinis in the kitchen during this interview. Vodka, olives, shaken—not stirred.)

Brian Hurd of Daddy Long Legs - Me.

Joan Chew of Party Lights - Can't answer this... shh.

Dead Elvis of Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave - Me.


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