Monday, February 18, 2013

Record Review: 1-800-Band, ST


S/T, Slow Gold Zebra Records


How the cover looks : On the front cover there is a frisbee on the beach, which is not what I prefer to see at the beach (the answer to that would be dead baby whales). But on the back cover, we see the band looking like Blondie, if all the members of Blondie were as sexy as Debbie Harry.


The vinyl : cool classic black vinyl.

The actual music : Side A is the rocker side, with awesome rock n roll/glam with a pinch of new wave. Think great keyboard lines, catchy harmonies and rocking guitar. The B side shows that those cats got emotions, dig?

Conclusion : Great record, great people. Three of them used to be in Crimson Sweet (decide which members) and one of them loves vampires!


-Tony LoFi



1-800-Band on Facebook

Slow Gold Zebra Records's website

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