Friday, March 8, 2013


The Jellybricks: Author of the Little Steven's Coolest Song In The World!


Where are you?

Turning seventeen on January 16th, living on borrowed time in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Best Cheap Trick song?

Terribly tough - so many good ones, but "Tonight It's You" is spectacular.

Most rock n roll way to commit suicide?

If you're considering committing "career-suicide," join a rock n roll band, otherwise it's pretty rock n roll to commit suicide by playing Ozzy Osbourne records backwards, listening for hidden instructions.

Best thing about PA: the Allentown record fair or Philly cheesesteaks?

Philly cheesesteaks, augmented by Yuengling Lager.

What soap opera would be better with a Jellybricks soundtrack?

All of them, (speaking modestly and candidly), but both Rick Springfield and John Stamos have urged us (either directly or indirectly) to open up talks with someone at General Hospital, but naturally we're planning to check in with Jack Wagner for his opinion on this as well.

Who is god?

At one time, we think the commonly accepted answer was "Eric Clapton," but really, god only knows.

E Street Band or The Sopranos?

We all love Bruce Springsteen, and we're all afraid to offend the mob, but more importantly, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Steven Van Zandt, so we'll just say both!

Favorite jellybean flavor?

Grape, more days than not.

Favorite detective?

Peter Falk.

What's the meaning of life?

Arguably the third-best Monty Python movie, with arguably the best Monty Python songs.
Also - life is inexact, imperfect, unpredictable, and inarguably more enjoyable with music.

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