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Lisa Doll & The Rock N Roll Romance: Don't Let Anyone Poop On You!
photo credit: Mark Zimin

Where are you?

At my work, a tattoo shop. Working on booking tour dates for my first tour in April. And taking breaks to look at Grumpy Cat pictures if I get too pissed off or stressed.

Describe your perfect rock n roll date night.

Any combination of: going to a show/roller skating/thrift shopping/diner eating/pizza munching/local drive-in theater. I'm not very high maintenance, I just want to have fun and listen to good music. I'm easily amused and satisfied by kitsch, confectionery items, pizza, whiskey, and rock n roll.

Which New York Doll would you want in your band and why?

Hmm, maybe Arthur Kane? Thunders would be an obvious choice based on talent and musical style, but I don't wanna deal with hard drug abuse in a band setting. So unless there was a clean Thunders, I would choose the seemingly nice and amicable Arthur Kane. I always saw him as a good-hearted sensitive type that wanted to focus on the music and "the look." But who knows, not like I knew them at all!

What's the ugliest tattoo you've ever seen?

We played with The Act Rights (TX) in DC and they came the next day to get some tattoos. I was tattooing a small whale on the singer, Charlie. He had this hilarious goofy looking grim reaper on the top of his right arm. It was done by a buddy in his house and it was real unskilled, badly placed and looked like something Beavis and Butthead would draw on a notebook. I loved it though, it was so funny. So technically, it was bad, but in a way so good!

If a guy made a mixtape for you, what would he need to put on it to really impress you?

If he didn't already know my musical interests very well, and Nobunny/Jay Reatard/Marked Men/RFTC (to name a few) somehow landed on there I would be pretty excited. Or Annette Funicello.

What's the most sexist thing a guy told you after a show?

No such thing. If a guy came up to me after a show trying to be "sexy" he'd probably just be creepy.

Is Baltimore really dangerous?

Haha, yeah, parts of it need to just be bombed away. But that's a lot of cities in general. Any area where you have a large concentration of people and then also a large concentration of poor, uneducated, and angry people, you're going to get more violence and crime. I used to work at a tattoo shop early in my career on the west side where The Wire was filmed about, it was pretty ridiculous over there. I think I mainly avoided trouble, because I was tattooing the area, so they saw the shop as their turf and not one to fuck with. When I lived in the Little Italy area, I got my car broken into a few times and my roommate got his car stolen twice! Second time it was never recovered. But there are also nice areas with people who are trying to build the city up and care about people around them. I hate the whole Raven's hysteria though. People are nuts about that around here and I just don't get it. Who cares, ya know? My hometown is Virginia. I've only lived in Maryland area about 3 years now and I don't identify with this area or plan to stay more than a year or so longer. I want to go to California!!

Best John Waters story?

I've yet to meet him but I know people who have seem him around at Atomic Books and some punk clubs. I've heard he is nice and approachable. I sent him a copy of my comic, Free Candy #1. I thought he might enjoy some of the humor. Who knows. I drew on the envelope a pregnant white trash girl smoking a cigarette and depicted an equally ignorant boy hollering at her, "Hey girl, you got a man?!" I posted it on my Facebook and someone said they felt it was mean and wrong. I replied back that I just drew what I actually saw one day walking to get food from my old work. I don't really need to exaggerate or embellish what I draw because there are really people out there like that! It makes people uncomfortable, because they don't like the idea that some people are just plain awful.


Creepiest doll you ever had?

I was really into Cabbage Patch Dolls when I was a little girl and used to like to cut their hair and put make-up on them. So after I got done crudely smearing crayon on their faces and hacking their hair, I'm pretty sure they looked pretty creepy. But in my 6-year old vision, they were "pretty" and "improved."

What is the best advice you ever got?

When I was 15 my mom was talking to me about sex and how it shouldn't be disrespectful on either side. And to watch for some people who had weird fetishes. Then she paused, looked reflective and said, "OH...and don't let anyone POOP on you!"
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  1. I wager you have become aware of or been with some individuals who only shake up to the tattoo parlor, look through the tattoo outlines in the books and all the pictures of tattoos on the dividers, pick something that looks cool and hop right into the seat to get what ought to be serious tattoo plans inked into their skin.