Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The Pinsch: Their van contains a hidden sandwich.


Where are you?

Matt's basement.

Tell us an inside joke.

"That's not a cordless mic."

What do you really think about Eric Davidson?

He does not seem to age...

Do girls have rythmn?

Once a month.

Who would win in a mic battle between Ronnie Spector, Nikki Corvette and your singer?

Ronnie, hands down. She is a real entertainer.

Favorite Cosby show episode?

The one where he's supposed to go on the Letterman show and he gets arrested instead.

Best thing about being a band from Minneapolis?

We're from Saint Paul.

Which girl group is sadly overlooked?

Ricky Martin's female fans.

Best advice you ever got?

"You're gonna want to make a sandwich and hide it in the van."
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