Friday, March 29, 2013


The Scovilles: DiPinto Guitars: Better than the Liberty Bell.

Where are you?

Rob (bass): Dialed-In Rekkids world HQ in scenic South Jersey (5 minutes from Philly).

Steve (guitar): Kicksville, USA.

Chris (drums): Wilmington, Delaware.

Best thing about Pensylvania: Allenton Record Fair, Phily Cheesesteaks, DiPinto Guitars or The Liberty Bell?

Rob: Since I often use a DiPinto Galaxie IV (and they're such nice folks), I'm going with DiPinto.

Steve: Reading Terminal

Chris: Liberty Bell.

Who has the best Phily Cheesesteaks?

Rob: In South Jersey. Carmen's in Bellmawr.

Steve: Dalessandro's Steaks in Philly (Roxborough). Best in the world.

Chris: Jim's Steaks, South Philly.

What would you do if you were invisible?

Rob: As a healthy, red-blooded man, I think the answer is obvious....fight crime. What did you think I was going to say?

Steve: Play a show with the Scovilles. That video would go viral for sure.

Chris: I too would fight crime with Rob.

Other than your song, what is the best song with the word ''PARTY'' in the title?

Rob: Sam Cooke - "Havin' a Party".

Steve: King Kahn & BBQ Show - "Animal Party".

Chris: Black Flag - "TV Party."

What are you hungry for?

Rob: POWER! Or a doughnut. One or the other.

Steve: Pizza. It's almost time for dinner.

Chris: A Cheesesteak now.

The Byrds, The Yardbirds or Surfin' Bird?

Rob: "Surfin' Bird" of the best rock and roll songs ever written. Brilliant in its simplicity (and stupidity).

Steve: The Yardbirds.

Chris: "Surfin' Bird".

What is more important: To dress well or to have awesome dance moves?

Rob: Dress well.

Steve: Dress well.

Chris: I can't dance...I don't dress well either.

Best band cameo in a film?

Rob: The Clash in King of Comedy for the simple fact that they are credited as "Street Scum".

Steve: Iggy Pop in Cry Baby.

What is the best advice you ever got?

Rob: "Don't make an ass of yourself." -My mom.

Steve: Advice, what's that?

Chris: "Don't play drums." - Mrs. Letts, band teacher 6th-7th grade.

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