Monday, April 15, 2013


A Giant Dog: Running, biking, golf, tennis, and anything involving a team.

Where are you?

Naked on a bare mattress with a rancid sleeping bag, recovering from SX-time.

Where is the hottest and spiciest BBQ in Texas?

BBQ doesn't have to be hot or spicy here in Texas. Though we'll shove anyone's meat into our mouth at a moment's provocation, we support Micklethwait Craft Meats by our man Tom.


What is the smallest dog you've ever seen?

I asked for a dog one X-mas and got a hamster instead. That was the smallest dog.

Who would win in a fight between your singer and Joan Jett?

There's an age different to bear in mind. So far in my life span I've been too weak to defeat Joan Jett, but a few more years of my training and her aging and I betcha I could whoop her narrow ass.

Would you prefer take the 13th floor elevator or take the stairs to the 99th floor?

We're not a superstitious band. We once filmed a music video in an abandoned mental hospital. Dare us to take the 13th Floor Elevators and we will.

Who in the band can lick their own nipple?

Everyone. It was a pre-requisite.

Can't Complain or Can't Explain?

Is "Can't Explain" a Green Day song? Cause I think "Can't Complain" might be...

What sport are you the worst at?

Running, biking, golf, tennis, and anything involving a team.

What is the best way to eat a pomegranate?

Bisect it. Hold the half over the bowl and beat on its back with a rolling pin. This is the most efficient way to extract the pulpy seeds. Then you just shove them in your mouth, as many as you can, and apply enough pressure to extract the juice. Let the tasty anti-oxidant pomegranate juice trickle down your throat, but when you're done be sure to spit out the bitter seeds.

What is the best advice you ever got?

Chef Louis Sheppard taught me the pomegranate trick and that was the best advice anyone's ever given me.
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