Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The Lovesores - You inconsiderate bastard.

Where are you?

Portland, Oregon...John's Landing...the house with the weird gate...over by the window.

Which queen has/had the best ass?

Freddy Mercury.

What about love is making you so sore?

Oh, now you're gonna act like you don't know? You inconsiderate bastard.

Favorite kind of bubblegum?

Jameson's (12 year reserve).

What's more important: the size of your records or the way you use them?

The revolutions per minute.

Whose show is crazier: Humpers or Lovesores?

You're the one who's crazy.

How do you do the Chinese twist?

You sit inside a tire and have your four closest friends spin you around.

Is the use of all this underground medicine the reason you have no front teeth?

That's a lie. The Lovesores have several front teeth.

Since you already have your theme song, what would be your TV show about?

It would be like Fantasy Island except it's a musical and instead of an island it's a bar and there are a lot more dwarfs in white suits.

What's the best advice you ever got?

Whatever you do, don't start a rock and roll band.

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