Friday, April 26, 2013


Thee Mighty Fevers: Maichingu machiko-sensei

Where are you?

Japan, Kobe. Maybe you dont know Kobe, but probably you know Osaka instead. It's next to Osaka, a port.

Worst party you've ever been to?

In Shanghai, our drummer burned his face by fired 96% degree alcohol drink. I'ts like a big fire ball at the crazy night! It's like a Jerry Lee Lewis!

Rockin' Pneumonia, Boogie Woogie Flu or Thee Mighty Fever?

Thee mighty fever!

What kind of zombie are you?

Rise in temperature on the earth.

Guitar Wolf or Teengenerate?

Both bands are our forever hero!

What Quentin Tarantino would be better with a Mighty Fevers live performance in it?

Rocky 7.

Who gets the most beat up in the band?

Our instruments!

What is the dirtiest word you know in japanese?

Maichingu machiko-sensei!

Are you deadbeats?


What is the best advice someone gave you?

Kiai(it mean charging sprit in japanese) will over the limit.
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Upcoming shows:

Saturday April 27th at The Grand Victory (245 Grand St., Brooklyn) with The Woggles, Lyres, Satin Kittens and The Jay Vons. RSVP HERE!

and then:

Sun 28th-Boston @ Radio (Downstairs)

Monday 29th-Philly @ Philly MOCA

Tuesday 30th Cleveland @ Now That's Class (Basement)

Wednesday 1st- Columbus@ Ace of Cups

Thursday 2nd - Cincinnatti @ The Chameleon

Friday 3rd - Pittsburgh @ Gooskis

Saturday 4th- NYC @ Leftfield

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