Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sore Subjects: French mimes are always walking against the wind.

Where are you?

Joey: The couch. Equidistant from the TV, toilet and fridge.

What is the best prank call you've ever done?

Marissa DNA: I'm more used to being on the receiving end. I worked an old retail job that had the phone number '(area code) SAFE SEX' so we always got calls from creeps who wanted to ask questions about our underwear. It was my job to answer the phone and instead of hanging up on the perverts, I would just transfer them to a co-worker I couldn't stand.

What is the most obscene thing someone yelled at you at a show?

Joey: "Play another one!" What we play is what we got.

If you could play with one Italian band and one Japanese band, who would they be?

Joey: Manges from Italy, Teengenerate from Japan.

Marissa DNA: It's unanimous.

Windiest city, after Chicago?

Joey: Are there any cities in the Antarctic? That's my pick.

Marissa DNA: Paris. French mimes are always walking against the wind.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?

Marissa DNA: Ahh, the ol' choc-van-straw debate...chocolate with peanut butter swirl.

Joey: Vanilla, soft serve.

Who has the best tattoo in the band?

Joey: Unless Charlie got a yin-yang on springbreak that we don't know about, Marissa's the only one in the band with tattoos.

Marissa DNA: It's kinda hard to talk about your own tattoos without sounding like a douche, so I'll refrain from picking one. Just go listen to the Cold Warps' song "Stupid Tattoos".


Why was Dee Dee the best Ramone?

Joey: Because he was the King!

Marissa DNA: He had the most impressive Gucci watch collection?  Haha, I don't know, I'm a Joey fan.

What was your worst subject in high school?

Joey: I was an art kid. I hated most subjects, especially math. Maybe if I had one of those calculators you could play Tetris on...

Marissa DNA: Gym. I slid down the climbing rope when the teacher specifically said not to and got the knot-end jammed up my butt. I had such rope burn I had to sit the rest of the unit out. I dropped gym and took a textbook course as soon as I could.

Favorite beer?

Joey: Old Style tallboys tend to be our go-to. When we splurge, local craft brews are good, Revolution, Goose Island, Three Floyds, Half Acre.

Marissa DNA: Everyone thinks our song 'Tall Boys' is about PBR. We get excited whenever anyone figures out it is actually about Old Style.

What is the best advice you ever got?

Joey: Every touring band we play with tells us we need to play outside of Chicago more often. We gotta do more of that.

Marissa DNA: Always show up on time for load-in, even if it means you have to sit around for hours before the show. Bands can be flaky and promoters appreciate it when you have your shit together.

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