Friday, April 19, 2013


The Stents: Abba. Wait, what? 

Where are you?

In the bathroom – Call you back in five minutes?

How many people make the mistake of calling you The Stench?

We’re often called that, but it’s not technically a “mistake” because we don’t smell very good most of the time. Except Huggy. He spends the most time on hygiene and his diligence should be noted.

Is Baltimore more or less dangerous than people think? And how much of the danger is from The Stents?

This was recently studied. Baltimore is 14% more dangerous than people think. We account for 0.6% of the danger. 100% of our 0.6% danger fraction is due to the cars Bonanza drives. We think this is mathematically correct but then again, no one said there would be math on this quiz.

How many John Waters encounters have you had?

Scott saw him standing next to our old mini van one time after we played a show called “Hampenfest”. He pretended to be looking at his phone. Does this count?

Who is your favorite mask-wearing band?

Abba. Wait, what?

Favorite kind of surgery?

Anything involving the circle of willis region. Wiki that, bitches.

Why should we meet Mike Hate?

Because he’s less of dick than Mike Love.

Give us your best chicken nacho recipe.

Bring $5.95 to El Salto and order chicken nachos. And that’s El Salto Dos. We’re totally an El Salto Dos kind of band.

Crabs: yay or nay?

Yay for the kind that comes from the Chesapeake and tastes yummy. Nay for the kind that comes from hookers and tastes itchy.

What is the best advice you ever got?

“No one likes a quitter.” --Bonanza D. Jones

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