Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Nude Dudes: Almost called Martin Luther Queen.


Where are you? 

Mommy's house.

Who in the band looks the best naked?

Alex, for sure. He's this oddly ripped little dude with the fattest dick.

Maxwell's or Asbury Lanes?

Maxwell's, hands down. They alway feed us and give us beers. They also don't like us as much. 

What's the funniest result if we Google nude dudes?

I saw this black dude giving an 80 year old man a blow job. But we are working on our new Tumblr, ND standing for nude dudes, of course.

Best method of contraception?


Favorite hermaphrodite story?

This one time I was hanging in Asbury Park, met this nice lil lady. A real kind woman, ya know. We started making out. She grabbed my penis. So I grabbed hers. Whoops.

Meanest thing someone screamed at you while you were playing?

We want Mumford & Sons.

What would a fan get if he tatooed "nude dudes" on his/her body?

Maybe we'd let him/her smoke some of our weed. MAYBE.

What band names lost in favor of Nude Dudes?

Fleet foxes, Martin Luther Queen.

What's the best advice you ever got?

Don't trust whitey, or two fingers instead of one. Your choice.

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Wednesday, May 1
Don Pedro (90 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn) with Los Jamones (France) and The Lost Riots
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