Monday, June 3, 2013


Las Marlenes: Drink more. 

Where are you?

In rehearsal.

What’s your hangover remedy?

Drink more.

What’s worse: green poison or soylent green?

Green Poison always!!

Favorite Cramps song?

Unaswerable. We love the Cramps!!

Best town in Spain for rock n roll?

Barcelona or Madrid.

Why is there so much good garage rock in Spain?

Because there are more than five million people unemployed.

Favorite Ramone?

Dee Dee.

If you could have a monster in your band, who would you pick and what would he/she play?

Would be Frankestein playing the maracas.

Which is the mightiest: fishnets, miniskirts or go go boots?

For us, fishnets.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Cover our faces, haha.

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