Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Christmas today, thanks to Nick Lowe


Nick Lowe recorded a Chrismas album, Quality Street, that will be out on October 29 (so maybe lucky trick-or-treaters will get copies in their candy bags!!).

As a Christmas gift in advance, you can stream the whole thing today (and today only!):

Paul Collins Beat kicks off midwest tour in September

Paul Collins Beat Midwest September tour dates

09/04 – Mary’s Place – Rockford, IL – wMichael Whyte & the Sunset Movies, Calico Flamingos
09/05 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH – w/ TBA
09/06 – Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN – w/ Brothers Gross, Melismatics
09/07 – Brass Rail – Peoria, IL – w/ Black Roses
09/08 – The Lift – Dubuque, IA – w/ TBA
09/09 – The Bishop – Bloomington, IL – w/ TBA
09/10 – Ultra Lounge – Chicago, IL – w/ TBA
09/11 – The Comet – Cincinnati, OH – w/ Pretty Pretty
09/12 – Tip Top – Grand Rapids, MI – w/ The Campanellis
09/13 – 411 Club – Kalamazoo, MI – w/ Black Roses
09/14 – Happy Dog – Cleveland, OH – w/ TBA
09/15 – Howler’s Coyote Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA – w/ Neighbours, Meeting of Important People
09/18 – Record Bar – Kansas City, MO – w/ Dead Girls, Rev Gusto
09/19 – Octopus Bar – Cedar Falls, IA – w/ Twins
09/20 – Turf Club – St. Paul, MN – w/ Teenage Mods, Hot Rash
09/21 – The Aquarium – Fargo, ND – w/ TBA

More info at Get Hip's site

The Hussy's west coast tour kicks off Friday 7/26

The Hussy is doing some more touring for the new LP "Pagan Hiss" (SOUTHPAW RECORDS), our new 10" EP "Clothes Mountain" (RED LOUNGE RECORDS), and two new 7"s by Certified PR Records and Black Gladiator Records respectively. 

7.26 - Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon

8.2 - Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club w/ Rabbit Holes, Joust

8.3 - Omaha, NE @ O'Leaver's w/ Digital Leather, Coaxed

8.4 - Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge

8.5 - SLC @ TBA (HELP?)

8.6 - Caldwell, ID @ La Venida

8.7 - Seattle, WA @ BLK LDG

8.8 - Portland, OR @ Toxic Lounge 

8.9 - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ Burnt Ones, Pow!

8.10 - Oakland/Santa Cruz/Sacramento? (HELP?)

8.11 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood Bar w/ Way To Go Genius 

8.12 - Tempe, AZ @ Tempe Tavern w/ Numb Bats, Snakes Snakes Snakes!, Shovel

8.13 - Alamogordo, NM @ The Compound 

8.14 - Dallas, TX @ Crown And Harp

8.15 - Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone 

8.16 - Carbondale, IL @ TBA 

8.17 - Chicago, IL @ Wally World w/ Thunders

8.23 - Milwaukee, WI @ Riverwest Public House w/ Delphines

8.24 - Indianapolis, IN @ CATARACTS MUSIC FEST!

9.7 - Madison, WI @ Crystal Corner w/ Thee Tsunamis, Fire Retarded


The Hussy are a duo from Madison, Wisconsin-- Bobby Hussy plays guitar, Heather Hussy plays drums. They both sing. "Blame" opens Pagan Hiss-- their third album-- with proof that a power duo pegged with words like "psych," "garage," or "punk" don't have to rely solely on caveman stomping or fuzzed out guitars. Sure, there's menace behind Bobby's power chords, and Heather definitely knows how to bash, but there's nuance here. They mess around with a few different guitar textures, vary up their volume for dramatic effect, and line the whole track with sonics worthy of an old sci-fi or horror movie (like the echoing laughter in the intro or the various UFO-worthy effects).

The Hussy hail from what the psych-punk duo describes as "the politically charged cheese rectum that is Madison, Wisconsin," but Bobby and Heather Hussy's surf-squall sounds born of the same West Coast garages where Ty Segall and crew conjure vast volumes of fuzz. Fitting then that Southpaw Records, the label that issued Segall's Live in Aisle Five LP, will release the pair's upcoming third album, Pagan Hiss, on May 7. For a preview of the Hussy's furious, face-melting boy-girl dynamic, see Pagan Hiss cut "Blame" below.

Madison duo The Hussy returns to the fray with a new album of compact garage punkers that barely start on the rails, let along stay on them for very long. The record focuses on what The Hussy does best, high-octane shake with a hard dose of pop roiling underneath. The band keeps it short and sweet, tempos in the realm of frenzied and the guy / girl shout-a-longs careening across your speakers like bumper cars out of control. Recorded again by Bobby Hussy himself, the record's no rehash of their previous album, Weed Seizure, instead it adds a fleshed out bit of production without ever losing any of the immediacy in the impact. Guest appearances by Jordan Davis on organ, RSTB fave Dead Luke on guitar and recorder and Justin Aten on violin break open the double attack of guitar and drums that's been a staple of The Hussy previously. Wrapped up in another eye catcher of a cover, Pagan Hiss makes for a pretty nice vinyl pickup to add to your no doubt mounting pile in 2013. 

Garage Rock's Next Generation - 10 Bands To Watch
"Clattery and amphetamine-amped, this garage-on-speed ("Hate This Town," "Right Quick," "Far Removed") is similar to what transpired in the '70s when punk took its inspiration from the garage vernacular and hot-rodded it. The Hussy are a headlong rush, and "Woodland Creature," with its indelible guitar hook, shows they full well know to where they're hurtling. There are a couple of songs about mortality, "Dying" and "Dead To Me," but this band's sense of resurrection shows that this music has afterlife to spare."



Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Wanna win an IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC (members of The Hellacopters!) SIGNED POSTER and ISE BOX SET 3x7"?

Place an order from Ghost Highway Recordings and you could be the winner!

To place an order, email

10"s (buy one of this records and you'll get one number for the contest)

Walter Daniels & The Giblets >> 10 Eur
Red Strike >> 10 Eur
Romano Nervoso (colour) >> 10 Eur

LPs (buy one of this records and you'll get two numbers for the contest)

Munlet: "Bicefalopedia" (+download code) >> 12 Eur
The Diesel Dogs: "Antihumanism" (+CD, colour vinyl) >> 12 Eur
The Chuck Norris Experiment: "Best of the first five" (multicoloured vinyl) >> 15 Eur *last copies
Mary's Kids: "Say No!" (+download code, blue or red&black vinyls) >> 15 Eur

LPs (buy one of this records and you'll get one number for the contest)

Alias: "Some Kind of Lullaby" >> 16 Eur
The Connection: "Let It Rock!" (black or solid gold) >> 17 Eur // 20 Eur
Cardboard Villains: "s/t" >> 17 Eur


BUNDLE ONE: 10" + 7"  
(buy one of this records and you'll get two numbers for the contest)

Walter Daniels + 7" Ted Roddy & Big Foot Chester >> 15 Eur
Red Strike + 7" Bummer >> 15 Eur
Romano Nervoso + 7" The Dt's >> 15 Eur

BUNDLE TWO: 3 x 10"s  
(buy one of this records and you'll get three numbers for the contest)
Walter Daniels & The Giblets + Red Strike + Romano Nervoso >> 25 Eur

BUNDLE THREE: 5 x 7"s 
(buy one of this records and you'll get three numbers for the contest)

Bummer (7" - round sleeve) Black or Orange
Digital Leather (7" + sticker) Black
Stevie Klasson's Black Weeds (7" + sticker) Black or marble black&white
Margaret Doll Rod / Plutonium Baby (7") Black or clear&black *last copies
The Sewergrooves (7") Black *last copies

35 Eur with shipping costs included to Europe
38 Eur with shipping costs included Rest of the world

BUNDLE FOUR: 6 x 7"s  
(buy one of this records and you'll get three numbers for the contest)
Tribute To The Oblivians Vol. 3 (Paniks / Fabuloso Combo Espectro) (7") Black or Red Tribute To The Oblivians Vol. 4 (Tetallica / Jimenez Los Santos / Los Plátanos) (7") Black or Red
Tribute To The Oblivians Vol. 5 (Munlet / Eureka Hot IV) (7") Black *last copies
The Dt's (7") Black Skip Jensen (7") Black  *last copies
Jeff Pope (7") 

35 Eur with shipping costs included to Europe
38 Eur with shipping costs included Rest of the world

(buy one of this records and you'll get three numbers for the contest)

Munlet: "Bicefalopedia" (+download code) + Tribute To The Oblivians Vol. 5 >> 15 Eur
The Diesel Dogs: "Antihumanism" (+CD, colour vinyl) + Bummer >> 15 Eur
The Chuck Norris Experiment: "Best of the first five" (multicoloured vinyl) *last copies + TCNE white devil 7" >> 20 Eur
Mary's Kids: "Say No!" (+download code, blue or red&black vinyls) + Mary's Kids EP(II) *last copies >> 20 Eur

(buy one of this records and you'll get two numbers for the contest)

Alias: "Some Kind of Lullaby" + Tribute To The Oblivians Vol. 4 or Vol. 3 >> 20 Eur
The Connection: "Let It Rock!" (black or solid gold) + Jeff Pope >> 21 Eur / 24 Eur
Cardboard Villains: "s/t" + Cardboard Villains 7" (colour) >> 22 Eur

Contests ends September 22nd

Paul Weller SONIK KICKS: The Singles Collection (Standard Edition) now available + US tour starts July 25th

Paul Weller Sonik Kicks: The Singles Collection (Standard Edition) is now available at the Yep Roc Store. This box set contains all 4 of the previously released 7″ singles on black vinyl and in their original sleeves. In addition, it contains a 5th 7″ with two new recordings: “That Dangerous Age (Live Acoustic)” and “Be Happy Children (Live Acoustic)”.



A: That Dangerous Age

B: The Piper


A: When Your Garden's Overgrown

B: Lay Down Your Weary Burden


A: The Attic

B: We Got A Lot


A: Dragonfly

B: Portal To The Past


A: That Dangerous Age (Live Acoustic)

B: Be Happy Children (Live Acoustic)

Paul Weller tour dates:

July 25th – NY, NY – The Apollo – Buy Tickets
July 26th – NY, NY – Webster Hall – Buy Tickets
July 27th – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg – Buy Tickets
July 28th – Boston, MA – Boston Royale – Buy Tickets
July 30th – Washington D.C. – 9:30 Club – Buy Tickets
July 31st – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer – Buy Tickets

New Coke to release new 7" on Black Gladiator/Slovenly this Fall

New Coke will be releasing a new 7" this fall, on Black Gladiator/Slovenly.

Here is what Danny Morales (vox/guitar) has to say about it: "We are big garage R&B fans but there's not a lot of anger in songs anymore. Bands sing about getting drunk and partying and we sing about coming home from the party drunk and driving over a kid".

So it's basically a 7" about this scene in Toxic Avenger :

While we wait for their new 7", you can listen to their first one HERE.

Joan Jett learned how to scream from a T-Rex

Photo: Michael Levine 

Marc Bolan, that is. Not a dinosaur (it's still cool, I guess...). Read a cool interview Joan Jett did with Esquire Magazine:

There's this thing that happens when a guitar chord is struck a certain way — it slightly bends out of tune and then goes back into tune. And there's a connection from that sound right through your crotch, right up into your heart.
They've turned the word rock into nothing. It's a meaningless word. "It rocks." "That food rocks." "She's rocking in that outfit." They've taken the word and stripped it of all its menace, of all its dirt, of all its sex.
Pop music is not a threatening style of music. It's music that says, Take me for what you will. Rock 'n' roll says, You're mine, motherfucker.
When people said to me, "Girls can't play rock 'n' roll," I'm like, What are you saying? Girls can't master the instrument? I'm in class with girls playing cello, violin, piano, Beethoven, Bach. You're telling me they can't play guitar?
I learned to scream from Marc Bolan of T. Rex.
Nobody knows what anticipation is anymore. Everything is so immediate. No more standing outside Tower Records in a long line.
I remember times when I was at shows and the person onstage locked eyes with me. And in that moment, everything was right with the world. I think that's part of my job, to create these thousands of moments every night. And for the rest of their life, they can say, "You guys looked at me," or "You sweated on me," or "I got your gum."
I like the way black looks. I think I look better in darker clothes. And maybe the fact that I wear black so much makes me more aware of putting people at ease. The black is sort of the bad-guy guise, so I work overtime to make people comfortable.
The sun, the smoking and drinking — I avoid them. I have friends the same age as me who do those things, and it's a whole different deal.
Don't be afraid. Because you're going to be afraid. But remember when you become afraid, just don't be afraid.
They said, "Lose the guitar. Maybe you'll be more palatable without the guitar."
Partly, I like a bad reputation. But I also want a reputation of being a good person.
I think some of our lyrics that might be considered angry, if they were sung by a guy, they'd be called passionate or intense.
I don't look good in beige.
When you're onstage, you just have to empty out and stay as empty as you can and let it come in. It's like you're driving around in your car and all of a sudden, you wind up on the other side of town, and you're like, How'd I get here?
The national anthem is a very hard song to sing. You gotta start in the right spot or you're screwed.
I never lived in Wisconsin. One of those images you see as a kid — I might have been six or seven — it was a Sports Illustrated cover. Everybody was completely muddy, so muddy you couldn't see who was wearing what uniform. One guy had a swipe across the helmet where the mud was wiped off, and you could see part of the G through it. For some reason, as a kid, just seeing that G, I became a Green Bay Packers fan. Isn't that weird?
If you're a woman who doesn't wear a dress, you are gonna take shit. If you're a woman who doesn't wear a dress and shaves her head, forget about it.
When I watch these cop shows, I think of how many things boil down to: Someone's pride was offended. Somebody was disrespected.
When the Runaways broke up, I didn't know what I wanted to do. A breakup is like losing a very good friend. It's like a death.
I was Mike Tyson's wake-up call for several fights — he would have me call him on the morning of a fight. He was so sweet to me.
I was onstage when Howard Dean did his famous yell. It was completely blown out of proportion. The press couldn't even get the emotion right. They were saying he was angry. No, he was effervescent.
I don't think about the shouting. Should I do it high, do I do it hard? I just do it. It's guttural.
In the beginning, I used to eat discarded food off other people's Holiday Inn trays. I mean, it was discarded.
People come up and stab you, give you a shot in the ribs with one finger, like you're the Pillsbury Doughboy. They want to see if you're real. They have a sense of ownership. You're public domain, to be touched, like with the Statue of Liberty.
I don't Google myself. Never read message boards, either, because that's even more dangerous.
Being in a band is like being in a family. It's intense, it's emotional. It's not always smooth. In fact, something's kind of weird if it is smooth.

Atlantic Thrills updated US tour dates

Providence, Rhode Island's Atlantic Thrills start their US tour tomorrow! Check out the tour dates below.

Thurs 7/25 Brooklyn, w Ravi Shavi, Napolean, backyard party.
Fri 7/26 Philly Pa @ Ortlieb's w The Improbables, and the Abandos 
Sat 7/27 Baltimore MD @ Ottobar w Slow Jerks, Ar-Kaics 
Sun 7/28 Norfolk VA house party 
Tues 7/30 Wilmington NC @ the Calico Room w The Carvers 
Wed 7/31 Charleston SC @ Royal American w M-Tank and Suana Heat 
Thurs 8/1 Savannah house party 
Fri 8/2 Charlotte NC house party w Modern Primatives 
Sat 8/3 Asheville NC @ Double Crown w Modern Primitives, Doomster 
Mon 8/5 Atlanta Ga @ 529 Call of the Wild, Dasher, Twin Traces 
Tues 8/6 Raleigh Slims Downtown w Thee Dirty Beats 
Wed 8/7 Baltimore @ Metro Gallery w Idle Gossip 
Thurs 8/8 Brooklyn @ Hanks Saloon w House of Flowers and Ecce Homo 
Fri 8/9 Staten Island @ Full Cup w The Exceptionists 
Sat 8/10 Providence @ Foo Fest
Sat 8/17 PVD Roller Derby

We know you'll love them, but just so you know for yourself, listen to 'em HERE.

Now That's What I Call Burger! Vol. 1

Stream this great BURGER RECORDS sampler:

The Headless Horsemen release their new single on a USB flash drive

NEW!!! Headless Horsemen USB Single + 10 Bonus Tracks!

NYC's HEADLESS HORSEMEN released their new single...on a flash drive. Just like in the 60's.
You'll get their new single plus ten unreleased songs from 1985. 

You can buy it HERE for $10

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wanna hear some Aussies in NYC? THE AVES play Grand Victory July 24 & River Rock Fest on July 25

Straight from Australia, THE AVES are coming to rock you all !!!

See them do their thing on  Wednesday July 24th at Grand Victory, Brooklyn, with LEX LOSERDEACON BISHOP REVIVAL and DJ GREG PACHECHO! (RSVP HERE) ((the cover price is actually $8)

And Thursday July 25th at RIVER ROCKS FEST (INFO HERE)

If you like The Ramones, you should love Chrome Cranks' Peter Aaron's new book

Peter Aaron (of CHROME CRANKS) is not only a kick ass rock n roller. In October, he will also be an author. 
Check out his first book, called If You Like the Ramones . . . Here Are Over 200 Bands, CDs, Films, and Other Oddities That You Will Love. 

Here's the description, from Amazon: 

1-2-3-4! With that quick count-off, four hoppin cretins from Queens who called themselves the Ramones launched the 1970s musical revolution known as punk rock. And ever since, popular music hasnt been the same. Perhaps the most imitated band of all time, the Ramones stripped rock ;n roll down to its bare bones and beating heart and handed it back to the people, making it fun again and reminding everyone that, hey, they could do this, too. But da brudders didnt just influence their key comrades in the original punk explosion. Their raw, tough sound and divine gift of enduring, melodic songcraft has power-drilled its way into musical styles as divergent as college rock, power pop, hardcore punk, thrash metal, grunge, and the avant-garde, and continues to be felt in newer waves of young acts. And what about the music that influenced the Ramones themselvesearly rock n roll, surf rock, British Invasion sounds, garage rock, girl groups, hard rock, bubblegum, proto-punk, and glam rock? Or the nonmusical stuff that also warped the skulls beneath those trademark bowl haircutsweird movies, cartoons, trashy TV shows, comic books, and other cultural jetsam? Its all here, just waiting for you to discover and dig. Hey Ho, Lets Go!

You can pre-order the book on AMAZON

You can now get a subscription to UGLY THINGS magazine

Maybe it's not news, but it's news to us. You can now get a subscrition to Ugly Things Magazine

By subscribing, you'll get groovy stuff like compilations and discounts at the Ugly Things store. 

Click right HERE to subscribe!

Muddy Roots Music to release The Ettes/The Monsters split 7''

Production pressing single month albums are $7 each plus shipping. Records will ship by Aug 29.

You may also subscribe to the vinyl club to get limited edition, one time only pressings. You get three months worth of 7" releases.

This  quarterly package of vinyl club releases has two Reverend Beatman songs, The Monsters, Daddy Long Legs, Goddamn Gallows and The Ettes. That package is $27 and can be found in their store while supplies last. Only 200 printed.


Official Muddy Roots recording artists for the month of September 2013 are THE MONSTERS & THE ETTES.



The Connection's new video ''Crawling From The Wreckage Of A Saturday Night'' in rotation on

The Connection - Crawling From The Wreckage Of A Saturday Night - Music - More Music Videos

New Hampshire's THE CONNECTION (who are opening for The Muffs at the Bell House on July 26th) has a new video in rotation on

Check it out.

And yes, the title of the song is long. Luckily, the song is the perfect length, clocking in at just over two minutes. Power pop!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jacco Gardner announces Fall US and European tour dates

JACCO GARDNER US and EU tours coming up after the summer!


US | Oct 1 | The Casbah, San Diego CA * 
US | Oct 2 | Troubadour, Hollywood CA * 
US | Oct 3 | The Depot SFSU, San Francisco, CA 
US | Oct 4 | Fernwood Resort, Big Sur CA * 
US | Oct 5 | The Chapel, San Francisco CA * ! 
US | Oct 7 | Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR # 
CA | Oct 8 | Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC 
US | Oct 9 | Barboza, Seattle, WA 
US | Oct 10 | Neurolux, Boise, IN 
US | Oct 12 | Beauty Bar, Las Vegas CA 
US | Oct 15 | Black Cat Stage, Washington DC 
CA | Oct 21 | Le Divan Orange, Montreal QC 
CA | Oct 22 | The Garrison, Toronto ON 
CA | Oct 23 | This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton ON 
US | Oct 25 | Garden Bowl, Detroit MI 
US | Oct 26 | Empty Bottle, Chicago IL 
US | Oct 27 | Happy Dog, Cleveland OH 

* = with Allah-Las
# = with Ozarks

--- EUROPE TOUR FALL 2013 --- 

FR | Nov 9 | Cigale, Paris (Festival Les Inrocks)
FR | Nov 10 | Stereolux, Nantes (Festival Les Inrocks)
FR | Nov 11 | Mai Club, Clermont Ferrand 
FR | Nov 12 | Bikini, Toulouse (Festival Les Inrocks)
FR | Nov 13 | Poste à Galene, Marseille 
IT | Nov 14 | Raindogs, Savona 
IT | Nov 15 | Lio Bar, Brescia 
IT | Nov 16 | Mattatoio, Carpi 
CH | Nov 18 | La Paranthese, Nyon 
CH | Nov 19 | Bad Bonn, Dudingen 
AT | Nov 20 | PMK, Innsbruck 
DE | Nov 21 | Schlachthof Club, Wiesbaden 
DE | Nov 22 | FZW Club, Dortmund 
DE | Nov 23 | Gleis 22, Munster 
DE | Nov 24 | Studio 672, Cologne 
DE | Nov 26 | Privatclub, Berlin 
DK | Nov 28 | Fonden VoxHall, Aarhus 
DK | Nov 29 | Loppen, Copenhagen 
SE | Nov 30 | Debaser Strand, Stockholm 
NO | Dec 1 | John Dee, Oslo 

BE | Dec 4 | La Botanique, Brussel 
NL | Dec 6 | Burgerweeshuis, Deventer 
BE | Dec 7 | Muziekodroom, Hasselt 
NL | Dec 11 | Vera, Groningen 
NL | Dec 12 | Bibelot, Dordrecht 
NL | Dec 13 | Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen 
NL | Dec 14 | Patronaat, Haarlem 
NL | Dec 19 | Doornroosje, Nijmegen 
NL | Dec 20 | Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom 
NL | Dec 21 | Romein, Leeuwarden 
NL | Dec 27 | Paard van Troje, Den Haag 
NL | Dec 28 | Tivoli, Utrecht 

You can also find these dates on:

Hunx and his Paintz

Seth Bogart (Hunx, of Hunx & His Punx) did a painting for a book about Pussy Riot. Other cool cats like Billy Childish, Alicia Bag, Yoko Ono, CSS and way more contributed to the book.

All the proceeds of the book will go to Pussy Riot.

You can buy it HERE.

Crypt Records to reissue New Bomb Turks' "!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!" July 23rd; also releasing "Tapeworm Blues" 10" demos EP

On July 23, you'll be able to buy (again) one of the best punk albums of all time, !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! by the New Bomb Turks (Crypt Records).

Here's the press release:

Super-deluxe GATEFOLD edition crammed with pix and liners by John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde) and a slew of musician fans, PLUS inner-sleeve with LYRICS to one of the GREATEST punk rock albums EVER, baby!

Also getting a release is a six song demo from The Turks:

CRUDE, RUDE, and LOUD punkrock blort recorded four months prior to the epic “!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!” sessions in a dank basement in Columbus. TWO never-heard originals - “TAPEWORM BLUES”, “DRUG CHICKS” plus four cuts later re-recorded for “D-O-B”. LINERS by Irving Azlik, Jr, much-renowned industry head.

Both will be available on Crypt Records on July 23rd.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Piggies and La La Brooks cover The Rolling Stones for Norton Records

NORTON RECORDS' next Rolling Stones cover series split 7'' will feature The Piggies (featuring Andy Maltz of The Little Killers) taking on ''Parachute Woman''. On the other side, produced by none other than Mick Collins, La La Brooks (of The Crystals, ''Da Doo Ron Ron'') singing ''Play With Fire''.

The split will be available on July 22nd but pre-orders were so good that Norton is already out of stock.

You can still check out the order page HERE.

Gonerfest 10: Gonerferst IN SPACE!*

GONERFEST 10 is just a couple of months away (September 26 to 29) and the line up is AMAZING!!!!

Check this out:

Thursday Afternoon Sept 26
Opening Ceremonies

Guitar Wolf (Japan)

Thursday Night Sept 26

Quintron (New Orleans)
Ex-Cult (Memphis)
Tyvek (Detroit)
Barbaras (Memphis)
Catholic Spray (France)
Blind Shake (Minneapolis)

with DJ Aron & DJ Kosta (California boys)

Friday Afternoon Sept 27
Gino & The Goons (Florida)
Hemingers (Coldwater, MI)
Martin Savage Gang (Sweden)
Jackpot (Detroit)

Friday Night Sept 27

Mudhoney (Seatle, WA)
Human Eye (Detroit, MI)
Head (Seattle, WA)
Cheap Time (Nashville, TN)
Viva L'American Death Ray (Brooklyn, NY)
True Sons Of Thunder (Memphis, TN)

with DJ Rema Rema (Portland, OR)

Saturday Afternoon Sept 28
Wreckless Eric (UK/NJ)
Sugar Stems (Milwaukee)
Buck Biloxi (New Orleans)
Manateees (Memphis)
Digital Leather (Omaha)
Cuntz (Melbourne, Australia)
Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
Heavy Lids (New Orleans)
Talbot Adams (Oxford, MS)
Cybelle Blood (Memphis/ NYC)

Saturday Night Sept 28

Cosmic Psychos (Australia)
Destruction Unit (Tempe, AZ)
Wizzard Sleeve (Mobile, AL)
CC Riders (Memphis, TN)
Onyas (Australia)
Autodramatics (Iowa City, IA)

with DJ Useless Eater (Kalamazoo)

Sunday Afternoon Sept 29

Louis Bee King (New Orleans, LA)
Leo Welch (Bruce, MS)


*cuz Friday the 13th 10 was Jason in Space...get it?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jim Jones Revue new album, ''The Savage Heart'' finally available in the US on

We had to wait a couple of months, but THE JIM JONES REVUE's new album ''The Savage Heart'' that has been available for a while in Europe will now be available, starting, 7/23, on

Buy the CD

Or the downloads

Itunes and vinyl coming soon.

Cult Montreal band Vent Du Mont Schaar's albums are FREE on Bandcamp

One of Montreal's weirdest punk bands from the 80s, VENT DU MONT SCHARR, just put their albums on bandcamp and you should listen to them and then pay what you want to get their stuff.

Friday, July 19, 2013

King Louie's Missing Monuments debut new song, "Heart and Soul"

America's beardiest power-pop band, KING LOUIE'S MISSING MONUMENTS just unveiled a new song, "Heart and Soul," which you can listen to courtesy of Impose Magazine

They will release their new album, on DIRTNAP RECORDS in late July.

CLICK HERE to stream the song. 

Bruiser Queen releasing 7'' on Certified PR

BRUISER QUEEN is releasing a new 7'' on CERTIFIED PR RECORDS.
You can buy the digital version now or pre-order the 7'' (that will come with the digital version). Record orders will come with an immediate download of the EP and will ship out on (or around) 8/1/13 with FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PRE-SALE ORDERS!


Ridiculously amazing lineup at this year's Riot Fest! Chicago's Humboldt Park, September 13-15

Missing this should be illegal.

Check Riot Fest out on Facebook.

Win tickets here.

If that fails, buy tickets here.

Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers releases new solo album, ''The Value of Nothing" + west coast tour dates

EDDIE SPAGHETTI of The Supersuckers just released a new solo album on Bloodshot Records called ''The Value Of Nothing''.

Listen to the title track here:

And check his tour dates:

(more tba)

Chop Suey


San Francisco   
Brick & Mortar

San Diego   
Soda Bar

Rhythm Room

Club Congress

Stream the new HUNX & HIS PUNK album, "Street Punk" (Hardly Art) + US tour dates

The new HUNX & HIS PUNK album, STREET PUNK, will be out July 23, on HARDLY ART.
You can stream the whole thing here and catch them on their upcoming tour:

8/8 Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent %
8/9 Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMoca % #
8/10 Washington, DC - Comet Ping Pong % #
8/11 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar % #
8/12 Belmont, NC - Haunted Mill + Mini Golf %
8/13 Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits #
8/14 Orlando, FL - The Social #
8/15 Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree #
8/16 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn #
8/17 Nashville, TN – Exit/In # ^
8/19 Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club #
8/20 Chicago, IL – Subterranean #
8/21 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick Lounge #
8/22 Toronto, ON - Hard Luck Bar #
8/23 Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall #

 % with Chain & The Gang
# with Hunters
^ with Diarrhea Planet and The So So Glo

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rhode Island's Atlantic Thrills' debut single out August 13th on Almost Ready Records + east coast tour dates

Providence, Rhode Island - home of H.P. Lovecraft and crazy psych punks ATLANTIC THRILLS.

They'll be releasing their debut single on Brooklyn's ALMOST READY RECORDS and touring the east coast this summer. Check out their press release and tour dates here:

ATLANTIC THRILLS play rowdy garage-rock for punk slime dance parties. Possessed by the spirit of Los Saicos and the galloping beats of '60s garage, the Atlantic Thrills make rampant rock'n'roll in the shadows of dark psychedelia. Simple but considered chord structures hold together heartfelt songs that range from snarling punk to surfed-out desperado anthems. Known for chaotic live shows, bourbon soaked belligerence, and psychedelic oatmeal cookies, Atlantic Thrills survived their first tour in the fall of 2012 and are arriving at Foo Fest this year to play the last stop of a 15 date east coast tour. Their self titled album is scheduled for release this summer on Almost Ready Records. As a local Providence band, Atlantic Thrills have opened for Thee Oh Sees, The Black Lips, Os Mutantes, Deer Tick, Vivian Girls, Those Darlins, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Bloodshot Bill, M.O.T.O., and more.


Thurs 7/25 Brooklyn, @Backyard party w Ravi Shavi, Napolean
Fri 7/26 Philly Pa @ Ortlieb's w/ The Improbables, The Abandos
Sat 7/27 Baltimore MD @ Otto Bar w/ Slow Jerks, Ar-Kaics
Mon 7/29 Richmond Va w/ Sacred Teachers and Great Dismal Swamis
Tues 7/30 Wilmington NC @ the Calico Room w/ The Carvers
Wed 7/31 Charleston SC @ Royal American w/ Dumb Doctors
Sat 8/3 Asheville NC @ Double Crown
Sun 8/4 Chapel Hill w/ Village Pistols
Tues 8/6 Raleigh w/ Thee Dirty Beats
Wed 8/7 Baltimore MD @ Metro G
allery w/ Idle Gossip
Thurs 8/8 Brooklyn NY @ Hank's Saloon w/ House Of Flowers, Ecce Homo
 Fri 8/9 Staten Island NY Full Cup
 Sat 8/10 Providence RI @ Foo Fest


(us in Montpellier, France on our honeymoon. Awww)

Let's lie and say that we didn't post a lot of stuff in the last month and a half because we moved. You know it's a lie, and we know it. But let's live the lie together, okay?

To help our stalker fans a little bit, we did an interview with Park Slope Stoop (meaning we live in Park Slope) about the coolest places in the neighborhood, our favorite places to eat and other questions that shows that we have great taste in everything.

You should head over to PARK SLOPE STOOP to read our interview.

And then go to SOUTH SLOPE NEWS to vote for YOUR favorite rock n roll place in Park Slope.

And if you feel like seeing one of the wonderful places we talk about, come to SKYLARK on Friday (July 19) where we will DJ our life away and play some Metallica pinball.


(source: Park Slope Stoop, South Slope News)

Musical Preview of the 2013 Ponderosa Stomp!

This year's amazing 11th annual Ponderosa Stomp concert will take place October 3-5 at Rock 'n' Bowl in New Orleans.

Ponderosa Stomp celebrates the 'unsung heroes of American music'. How these guys and gals all remained unsung is quite a mystery. People are stupid, I guess.

Check out this video they did of all the artists performing this year.

Then get your tickets here. We'll see you there!

The Spits to OFFICIALY release ''KILL THE KOOL'' + new US tour dates with Useless Eaters


IN THE RED records will release THE SPITS' ''KILL THE KOOL'' LP in deluxe gate fold dust jacket, amended artwork and some different songs that weren't on the self-released, "faux" bootleg from 2011/2012.

They'll also be touring with USELESS EATERS

Here are the tour dates:

Sat 10-Aug Seattle, WA Neumo's
Fri 4-Oct Cleveland, OH Now That's Class
Sat 5-Oct Rochester, NY Bug Jar
Sun 6-Oct Toronto, ON The Garrison
Mon 7-Oct Montreal, ON Il Motore
Thu 10-Oct Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory
Fri 11-Oct New York, NY Mercury Lounge (late evening show)
Sat 12-Oct Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery
Sun 13-Oct Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Neck Tie
Tue 15-Oct Pittsburgh, PA 31st St. Pub
Wed 16-Oct Columbus, OH Ace of Cups
Thu 17-Oct Cincinnati, OH Mayday
Fri 18-Oct Bloomington, IN The Bishop
Sat 19-Oct Chicago, IL Empty Bottle


The Porcharitas: Alabama White Thang.

Who are you?

We're a 3 gurl 1 dude band from Huntsville, ALABAMA- Rocket City, USA.

Who is the Betty and who is the Veronica in the band?

The Betty is FOR SHORE Ben Rhyne, our drummer and the Veronica is deff Barb, Ben's slutty alter ego who just wants to be in a band to fuck stranger.

What is the difference between a margarita and a porcharita?

A margarita is lime juice, tequila, and some other shit if you wanna be fancy. A porcharita is 8 beers, a bag of ice, 2 limeaid concentrates, and a liter of tequila all mixed together in a mop bucket. Porcharitas are more dangerous because they sneak up on ya faster. And you can only drink them on a porch.

We're coming to Huntsville to get wasted with you. Where are you taking us?

We love getting wasted. We'd probably make you porcharitas then go to Foxtails - this sweet strip club with free cornhole - with Ashley Martin's dad.

Favorite STD?

What's sex?

Biggest misconception about Alabama?

This is a great question. Whatever you think alabama is like, is true. We love college football, swim in rivers or pools we've made out the beds of busted trucks, no one really understands what exactly a vegan diet is, and your greatest fear is the next tornado, yet you can sleep through the sirens. Y'all, it rules.

Name three things you have in common with Lynyrd Skynyrd?

We've all flown on planes, we all secretly love/know all the words to Freebird but Lynyrd Skynyrd was from Jacksonville, FL. Two outta three aint bad.

Best local radio station?

100.3 THE RIVER easy listening - get your lawn chair and a mimosa because thats what Sundays are for.

If Bear Bryant and Wernher von Braun had a baby, would its cries sound more like the Immortal Lee County Killers, Man or Astroman? or the Dexateens?

It would sound like the Alabama white thang.
Google it. It's real. It's scary. And the sound of its yell seriously haunts those who have heard it.
The Porcharitas on Facebook
The Porcharitas on Bandcamp

BIG STAR: Nothing Can Hurt Me is still showing at IFC (in New York) and you should go see it!

You really should. Because it is amazing.

Check the trailer here:

and CLICK HERE to see the showings

Or HERE if you don't like going out and prefer to see it on Itunes.