Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Amy LaVere & John Paul Keith release debut 10" as Motel Mirrors

John Paul Keith (who plays in Jack Oblivians' band and who also has an AMAZING solo act - think Buddy Holly meets Carl Perkins - has a new band called MOTEL MIRRORS, with Amy LaVere. If you're in the mood for some Lee and Nancy kind of rock n roll, give it a listen. Their debut 10" comes out August 27th on Archer Records.


  1. I'm a HUGE Amy LaVere fan. Stranger Me is without question one of my favorite albums. This sample of OCP is nice, but not up to my expectations. Definitely a throwback sound, but to a time that is not in my range of taste. Admittedly, more personal preference than anything. Reminds me a bit of She & Him. I'll hold off casting judgement until I hear more tracks.

  2. Well, I love it! Could be that I'm older than "unknown" as I find myself increasingly older than a lot of people. But, this is just a damn fine song. It's a song that doesn't require a lot of thinking or straining it figure out the words or lyics. It is just FUN. Bravo! More, please.