Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gonerfest 10: Gonerferst IN SPACE!*

GONERFEST 10 is just a couple of months away (September 26 to 29) and the line up is AMAZING!!!!

Check this out:

Thursday Afternoon Sept 26
Opening Ceremonies

Guitar Wolf (Japan)

Thursday Night Sept 26

Quintron (New Orleans)
Ex-Cult (Memphis)
Tyvek (Detroit)
Barbaras (Memphis)
Catholic Spray (France)
Blind Shake (Minneapolis)

with DJ Aron & DJ Kosta (California boys)

Friday Afternoon Sept 27
Gino & The Goons (Florida)
Hemingers (Coldwater, MI)
Martin Savage Gang (Sweden)
Jackpot (Detroit)

Friday Night Sept 27

Mudhoney (Seatle, WA)
Human Eye (Detroit, MI)
Head (Seattle, WA)
Cheap Time (Nashville, TN)
Viva L'American Death Ray (Brooklyn, NY)
True Sons Of Thunder (Memphis, TN)

with DJ Rema Rema (Portland, OR)

Saturday Afternoon Sept 28
Wreckless Eric (UK/NJ)
Sugar Stems (Milwaukee)
Buck Biloxi (New Orleans)
Manateees (Memphis)
Digital Leather (Omaha)
Cuntz (Melbourne, Australia)
Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
Heavy Lids (New Orleans)
Talbot Adams (Oxford, MS)
Cybelle Blood (Memphis/ NYC)

Saturday Night Sept 28

Cosmic Psychos (Australia)
Destruction Unit (Tempe, AZ)
Wizzard Sleeve (Mobile, AL)
CC Riders (Memphis, TN)
Onyas (Australia)
Autodramatics (Iowa City, IA)

with DJ Useless Eater (Kalamazoo)

Sunday Afternoon Sept 29

Louis Bee King (New Orleans, LA)
Leo Welch (Bruce, MS)


*cuz Friday the 13th 10 was Jason in Space...get it?

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