Friday, August 23, 2013

Dot Dash will help you half-remember your dream, but only the good parts

Dot Dash just released their 3rd album, Half-Remembered Dream, on Beautiful Music Records.

You can stream it right here:

Here is the press release:

Summer is nearing an end — time for a new Dot Dash album.
Half-Remembered Dream is the third Dot Dash album released in less than two years.
The 10-track Half-Remembered Dream, out this month, was preceded by Winter Garden Light (released in September 2012) and spark>flame>ember>ash (released in September 2011) – all on The Beautiful Music, the Ottawa, Canada-based indie label that has been issuing underground pop records for more than 10 years.
For the new record the Washington D.C.-based quartet traveled north to neighboring Baltimore, where Half-Remembered Dream was recorded at Lord Baltimore Studios.
As before, there’s a persistent thread of melancholy running through Dot Dash’s ringing, intense, melodic pop, but it takes on a variety of forms. Amidst jangling, wistful guitars — contrasted by often thunderous bass and drums — Half-Remembered Dream is, by turns, energetic, plaintive, and punky.
Dot Dash plays out frequently and has shared recent bills with Ash, The Drums, The Bats, The Monochrome Set, and Glen Matlock, among many others.
Band line-up: Terry Banks – guitar & voice; Bill Crandall – guitar; Hunter Bennett – bass; Danny Ingram – drums.
Half-Remembered Dream is available as a CD directly from The Beautiful Music’s PayPal-enabled ordering portal at
The album is also available as a download via iTunes, Bandcamp, eMusic, and Amazon

Don't miss them on Sept. 22 at DC9 (in Washington DC) with Terry Malts.

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