Thursday, August 29, 2013

Interview with Miss Chain & The Broken Heels

Where are you?

We are in Italy, land of the Pope, spaghetti, mandolino and Bella Vita. Right now I’m sitting in a fancy cafe having an Espresso and enojoying Spring that finally arrived!

Favorite word in Italian?

Pantagruelico! It means HUGE and it’s a bizzare word.

Why do so many American bands love to tour Italy?

Easy answer: women, pizza, landscape, art, history, big money.

Best place to play in Europe for an Italian band?

Awwww too many!!!! Well for sure Subway to Peter in Chemnitz (best garlic shots ever!!!) and Gleiss 22 in Munster! Markus always treats us like family! PMK in Innsbruck! Elmar and the crew are one of us!

If your band were a movie, would it be a western or a horror movie?

Western for life! I’d love to bang bang all around in a desert landscape with cactus and horses all around me.

What qualities should your perfect bachelor have?

Irony, sarcasm, great sense of humor, responsibility, indipendence, spontaneity, patience, empathy, creativity and civility. I hate rudeness and narcissism.

Best way to repair a broken heel?

I usually prefer to keep it broken and stand as nothing happened, but if you want to repair it go with the classic bubblegum trick. Chew the bubblegum, then spit it and use it as collagen.

In what way your "Calcutta" is better than The Ventures "Calcutta"?

It has (amazing) lyrics! Dedicated to the sweet Goddess Kali: the dark Mother.

What's the best advice you ever got?

“In your life, to reach your goals, you should use the fact you are a woman! People go crazy for that!” I’m still fighting this wonderfull advice.

What is the first thing a visitor should do in Bergamo?

Go to eat ice-cream at Marianna (stracciatella was born there!!!). Lots of other things but basically they are all about eating. Pizza at Circolino (or at GALLETTO!!!!!!! BEST PIZZA I EVER ATE!!!!!!! REALLY!!!)

Who is the unofficial mayor of Bergamo?

Francesco Portesi.

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