Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spain's Wau Y Los Arrrghs release third LP on Slovenly Recordings

Wau Y Los Arrrghs will release their third LP on Slovenly Recordings October 15th (and October 7th for lucky Europe).

Check out what Slovenly has to say about them:

"The 3rd album from Spain’s most savage crew of ‘66 garage-punk worshipping scum of the Earth, WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! This brand new long-playing monstrosity sees singer Juanito Wau, the barely human Rat Fink comic, continuing his long-held reign as the most bugged out screamer on the scene. Meanwhile, and we do mean MEAN, the remaining Arrrghs mutilate the massive, crunched-out  riffs of 60s punk’s past (Cuby and the Blizzards and Jacques Dutronc, anyone?) and reconstructs them with spit, snarl and endless piles of fuzz and swirling Vox organ. Impolite, swinging brutality from the grave for the sweatiest go-go gorilla party ever!"

Stream some of the album here:

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